Who’s that Girl – Sandra Thies

Ordinary Women

Today’s lovely lady hails from my hometown of Slummies.  She is BFF to my sister and with her razor sharp tongue and wit, she keeps us entertained.  Have a look at what Sandra had to say.

Getting to know you:

cropped-images.jpg  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

ST:  I am a wife and mom of 5 (2 human kids and 3 furbabies).  Loving life and everything that goes with it.  Very extroverted and will do just about anything for a laugh.  My life philosophy is that everything happens for a reason and its up to us to make sure that we gain something positive out of every single situation, no matter how negative it may seem.

 cropped-images.jpg  Daily routine?

ST:  I get up, shout and swear at the alarm then go for a run.  Get home, make breakfast for human kids then for the furkids too.  Push kids out of bed, kick husband out of bed, shower.  Drag myself off to Jail (I literally work in a jail.  The old Lock Street Jail has been converted into a student res for Fort Hare).  When I am finished doing my time, I rush home, cook supper, do homework, bath kids, feed furkids, nurse husbands feelings of neglect 

cropped-images.jpg You have lived in both Cape-Town and East London.  What do you miss about each place when not living there?

ST:  I miss the contradictions that Cape Town has to offer.  One part of town is hustle and bustle and the other is so laid back.  I miss the stylishness of Cape Town, the beautiful scenery, the “theres-always-something-to-do” vibe and mostly I miss one of my best friends, B.  When not in EL, I miss the familiar and friendly faces, my family and the chaos that makes up this friendly town.  Also Shamrock Pies and Windmill Milkshakes

 cropped-images.jpg   What is your middle name?

ST:  Elizabeth

cropped-images.jpg Fears?

ST:  All the normal fears such as losing a loved one, having my kids turn out like me and walking around my house in the dark, but I also have a completely irrational fear of spiders.  I can’t even watch them on tv or listen to someone have a conversation about them.

 cropped-images.jpg Anything you wish to change about yourself?

ST:  No, I believe every little thing makes up who we are and I am rather fond of me.  I might consider a boob job one day though.  Love the Girls!

cropped-images.jpg List 3 of your best personality traits?

ST:  I have a wickedly dark sense of humour.  I love with everything that I am.  I can be very empathetic.  

cropped-images.jpg List 3 of your worst personality traits?

ST:  I have a wickedly dark sense of humour.  I am a little OCD.  I have absolutely zero tolerance for stupidity and will react with dripping sarcasm. 

cropped-images.jpg One thing not many peoples know about you?

ST:   I can knit and embroider.  

cropped-images.jpg Do you have any bad habits?

ST:   I will nap whenever and wherever I can.  I tend to be very over protective towards my friends and family and won’t hesitate to tell someone off if I feel they have hurt someone I love.


 The fun stuff:

cropped-images.jpg What was your nickname in high school?

ST:  Fuzzy Demon

  cropped-images.jpg Any tattoo’s or piercings?

ST:  I only have my ears pierced but recently had my first tattoo.  It’s a double infinity sign which two of my friends and I got together.  It symbolises our long running friendships

cropped-images.jpg What is on your beside table?

ST:  My book (The Elephant Whisperer), my Samsung Tablet, pain meds for the pulled muscle in my ass (from running) and tissues for my Boston Terrier puppy who has a bit of a runny nose.

cropped-images.jpg Are you a morning or night person?

ST:  Definitely a night person.  Satan himself wouldn’t mess with me in the morning

cropped-images.jpg If you could get a free airfare, name a country you would visit?

ST:  My greatest dream is to visit Italy.  I have a bit of a fascination for old architecture and how religion and politics affected the style of the buildings.  It’s my nerd side coming out in me.

cropped-images.jpg One luxury you can’t do without?

ST: Johnnie Walker

cropped-images.jpg Chocolate or vanilla?

ST:  Chocolate, the darker and richer the better

 cropped-images.jpg Favourite childhood television program?

ST:  Gummi Bears (and yes, I still know their theme song)

cropped-images.jpg  Are you a collector of anything?

ST:  I collect Coca Cola items for my kitchen and Heineken stuff for my husband. 

 cropped-images.jpg  What is your first thought when you wake up?

ST: You MUST be freaking kidding me *insert expletive*

cropped-images.jpg Last thought before you go to sleep?

ST:  I work out how many hours sleep I will get before my alarm goes off

 cropped-images.jpg  Dream job?

ST:  I would love to be doing Events Co-ordinating

 cropped-images.jpg Any hidden talents?

ST:  I can bake really well and cook even better.  Its become a passion

 cropped-images.jpg Name one regret you have?

ST:  Not learning to cook earlier in life and perhaps even train

 cropped-images.jpg  One thing you miss about being a kid?

ST:  The freedom and lack of responsibility.  Being able to run naked on the beach.  That sort of thing is frowned on at my age. 

cropped-images.jpg One thing you love about being a woman?

ST:  I love being able to constantly exceed peoples limited expectations of women.  I also love my boobs.  

cropped-images.jpg Favourite song at the moment?

ST:   I Alone – Live

cropped-images.jpg If you were a Come Dine with Me SA contestant, what would your menu be?

ST:  I would make phyllo pastry cups with black mushroom, feta cheese and pancetta for starter.  Main mean would be crayfish in a champagne sauce and for dessert I would do something decadent with dark chocolate ganache Something Thai

cropped-images.jpg Favourite fragrance?

ST:   Chanel, Chance’

The serious stuff:

cropped-images.jpg Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions and practices of individuals or groups?

ST: I think the sense of right and wrong exists in every single walk of life, no matter where on the planet you call home.  I don’t however think that everyones idea of right and wrong is the same.  People take the religious moral high ground, however, this comes at the sacrifice of their enemies lives.  I think its up to us to teach our kids not only what right and wrong is, but also why those practices are indeed, right and wrong.  Very deep thinking for a Tuesday morning 

cropped-images.jpg Do you think God exists?

ST:   I do believe in a higher power.  Regarding religion, I think the jury is still out on that one for me 

 cropped-images.jpg Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?

ST:   I do indeed.  There is too much life force in people for it to be just ended because the outer shell no longer works

cropped-images.jpg Do you vote? Why/why not?

ST: Yes.  You have to be the change to see the change.

cropped-images.jpg Your thoughts on gay marriage?

ST:  I think that marriage is about joining the lives of two people who love each other deeply.  I don’t think it has anything to do with their sexuality and everyone else should mind their own business.

Sandra Thies

Sandra Thies


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