Feel Good Friday – Team

I can’t get my head around the fact that we are a week away from February! Seriously! Time definitely seems to step it up a gear for me the older I get.

This week was filled with meeting new class teachers for Ella-Blu and Caleb.  Ev and I split these duties with me going to meet Caleb’s teacher, who I instantly liked.  So we off to a good start there.  Ella-Blu’s teacher also seems great.  She is loving being in his class and the fact that it is her last year at primary school is scaring the crap out of me.  Can my number 2 baby be heading off to high school next year?

Wednesday saw us head off to Newlands for some T20 action.  We even managed to convince, Hans, to come out of social hibernation and join us. (In his defense he is training for the ABSA Cape Epic and we all support him but can’t wait to get our mate back)   Going to Newlands is always a treat for me.  Sitting under the oaks with a view of the mountain I am reminded of how lucky I am to live in Cape-Town.  The kids had jol playing cricket and generally running wild.  The Cobra’s beating the Titans also added to enjoyment 🙂

Week-end plans are to chill… then Sunday sees we getting some new ink watch this space for details and end result.

Today’s tune is Team by Lorde.  I am so loving this chick.  She almost proves Ev wrong that New Zealand has no good looking woman!  Have a good one peeps.



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