Random Ramble

Brace yourself for one of my very random rambles.

Last year I was tasked with arranging a braai for our factory staff on the day of our annual shutdown.  I set off to go and do a shop for this with a colleague.  We got chatting about having kids (he doesn’t have any) and life in general.  He then made a statement which really got me thinking and stunned me… He said the reason why his fiancé, her brother and himself all get on really well is that they  have something in common, the fact that they don’t like people and could easily live without them.

I asked if as a couple they have other friends that they braai, go visit, perhaps go and see a movie with. No, nobody.  They just have each other and perhaps pop in and see the brother occasionally.  He said they don’t like socialising and don’t feel they need other people to be happy or function.

I think my reaction was very apparent.  He said that he doesn’t go about being a dick to people.  He does the polite thing by letting people into the traffic, is friendly and civil to people he deals with in business but on a social front, feels he doesn’t need people to be happy.

This really floored me.  I am a very social creature by nature.  I love entertaining, seeing my friends, going to “book club” to have a catch up with the girls.  I also enjoy my own space at times but generally I like having people around.

I wonder if this dude I work with is an exception and just odd, or if people nowadays have become anti-social and very self-absorbed in their own world?

My point after that random ramble is that I really do like the people in my life that I choose to surround myself with.  I couldn’t do without them and I hope there are more people out there who share my sentiment, then people who prefer to go home, close the door, switch on the TV and shut the world out.

As you were!  ** Climbs off soapbox and heads off to have coffee with a friend**


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