Feel Good Friday – Counting Stars

Busy week this has been.  Tuesday was my monthly highlight, Book Club.  Was great to catch up with the girls again, since we last met in December for our Christmas Dinner (that hangover is still very fresh in my mind).  We have new member, Elana, to “The Club”.  Hope we didn’t scare her off and she returns next month.

Ev and I headed to the Waterfront for dinner with mates on Wednesday evening.  So 2 jolling evenings on school nights, rebels!  Hence this week-end being very welcome, as always.  The only plans we have are to head to Newlands on Sunday to support the Cobra’s who take on the Warriors.  Old versus New for me, being an ex Eastern Caper.

Today’s Feel Good Friday tune is Counting Stars by One Republic.  Always fancied this song but now even more so due to watching The Voice final.  Michelle Chamuel (my choice to win) performed with One Republic…. loved it.  Take a listen to the original, feet up, chill and have an INSANE week-end.


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