Big day in the Ferreira household

Today brought with it a double whammy of excitement in our household.  First day of varsity and first day of playschool for 2 of the Tribelets.  Literally the first steps of education to the last steps.

Let’s start with Tribelet 1, Tayla.  She headed off to UCT this morning, first year student, studying a BSC (speech and language therapy).  There was some panic and deliberation about outfit choice, where to park and where to go.  In the end Ev drove her off to campus, to eliminate any stress.  Can’t wait to catch up tonight on how her first day went.  Non of her school friends have gone to UCT, so it is rather a daunting first day but I have no doubt she will slot into varisty life soon and be a proud IKEY TIGERS supporter.  Advise given on her first day: “Always wear your invisible crown”.

Tribelet 4, Mili-Flyn.  I had all good intention of sending her to school this year but the end of last year was so manic, that looking for a suitable school for Miss Mili somehow fell off the “to do” list.  When Tribelet’s 2 & 3 headed off to school this year Miss Mili was at the door, bag packed and ready, with no school to go too.  As luck would have it we are surrounded by playschools in our road, so after a recce of the playschools in our hood we decided on Small Wonders.  Mili took to it when she went for a visit and made friends with Poppy.  That is all we heard about for the last 2 weeks.  So we shopped up a storm to get the list of goodies ready that were needed for school, got everything marked and packed, asked Mili if she was excited for her first day of school…. she had decided she would rather stay home!  Heart sinking moment.  Flashes of a crying child on day 1.  Yesterday she warmed back up to the idea of school, which I milked for all it was worth.

This morning we all got ready, did the required photo session every family has before a big event and set off to school.  Mili cruised in there, started checking out all the toys and asked when Poppy would be arriving.  So far, so good.  Poppy arrived about 5 minutes after we got there and Mili greeted her with a hug and referred to her as “My Poppy” (which impressed Poppy’s Mom to no end).  The 2 of them settled into a tea party soon after, not in the least bit bothered about my presence.  Mili’s teacher told her that I would be leaving shortly to go to work.  On cue, Mili waved me off and told me that Gracie would fetch her later.  No tears at all from Mili!  Mom did have a lump in her throat and a scratchy contact lense that caused her eyes to leak!  I officially feel like I no longer have a baby in the house.

The school has sent a message to say she is having fun, no tears and no asking for her Mom.  A good result I would say.  Here are some of the photo’s from this morning, with the photo bomber included.

Miss MIli-Flyn, ready to go!

Miss MIli-Flyn, ready to go!

20140204_070618 20140204_070700 20140204_070740 20140204_070755 20140204_070849


6 thoughts on “Big day in the Ferreira household

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Thanks Cat. Tayla has wanted to do Speech and Language therapy for ages. She job shadowed at GHS last year and that confirmed for her it was a right career choice. Exciting times ahead for her 🙂

  1. Michelle bartie says:

    Well done Ferreira’s! I almost had scratchy contact lense myself thinking about your experience this morning xxx

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Thanks Shell. Thankfully a good result all round. Both returned home excited and wanting to return 🙂

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