Who’s that Girl – Lorin Greenhalgh

Ordinary Women

Today’s young lady was a welcome addition to our family last year.  If you can survive my crazy family and embrace them with open arms, you can just about take on the world.  Have a read about what Lorin has to say:

Getting to know you:

cropped-images.jpg  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

LG:  Im a happily married 20 year old (yes I know, young right) with big dreams, and I have a passion for fashion. I love to °LOVE° the special people in my life – and by that I mean giving them lots of kisses and squeezes, and spending as much quality time with them as possible.

 cropped-images.jpg  Daily routine?

LG:  At 6:00, I wake up to the sound of a very annoying alarm. Kiss my husband goodmorning. Wash my hair, brush my teeth and then get dressed. Then at 6:40 we leave for college – where im studying fashion design and clothing production. Get home between 4-4:30. Chill for a bit before gym or home exercises unless we have lots of work to do then we give it a skip. Husband (Ryan) cooks. Shower then relax the rest of the evening chatting, playing games or watching movies/series.

cropped-images.jpg As a newly wed what are you enjoying about married life?

LG:  Well that really depends on what you consider “the married life” to be. For myself, im enjoying absolutely everything – the laughing, braai’s,long conversations, cooking, drives to nowhere, shopping for household items etc. I feel blessed with a beautiful extended family that came along with it. Family is really important to me.

 cropped-images.jpg   What is your middle name?

LG:  Kay

cropped-images.jpg Fears?

LG:  Heights – or should I rather say ‘falling’.  Something happening to my husband, family or friends.

 cropped-images.jpg Anything you wish to change about yourself?

LG:  Maybe my chubbiness, use to weigh 48, now I am at 62. Goal weight would be 56…

cropped-images.jpg List 3 of your best personality traits?

LG:  Loving, Caring and Confident

cropped-images.jpg List 3 of your worst personality traits?

LG:  Very opinionated, Stubborn and Controlling – only when it comes to wanting to get things done before a deadline.

cropped-images.jpg One thing not many peoples know about you?

LG:  That I am a real softy, but have my days if people take advantage of it.

cropped-images.jpg Do you have any bad habits?

LG:  Yes, shopping, milkshakes, pinterest, social media, judging others by there outfits and lack of trust.


 The fun stuff:

cropped-images.jpg What was your nickname in high school?

LG:  Lolly or Lollypop

  cropped-images.jpg Any tattoo’s or piercings?

LG: No tattoos yet – still trying to decide on what.  Piercings yes – 5 earings, and a belly ring.

cropped-images.jpg What is on your beside table?

LG:  Don’t have a bedside table, but if I had one it would be my phone, lamp, a sketch pad and pencil.

cropped-images.jpg Are you a morning or night person?

LG:  Definitely a night person.

cropped-images.jpg If you could get a free airfare, name a country you would visit?

LG:  Greece 

cropped-images.jpg One luxury you can’t do without?

LG:  My husband, without him nothing else matters.

cropped-images.jpg Chocolate or vanilla?

LG:  Chocolate 

 cropped-images.jpg Favourite childhood television program?

LG:  Don’t have a favourite, usually just watched whatever was on – like care bears, power rangers, powerpuff girls etc.

cropped-images.jpg  Are you a collector of anything?

LG:  Yes, clothes. Especially if it’s in mint green or white.

 cropped-images.jpg  What is your first thought when you wake up?

LG:  My husband, and the ‘to do list’ for the day.

cropped-images.jpg Last thought before you go to sleep?

LG:  My husband, and the next days ‘to do list’.

  cropped-images.jpg  Dream job?

LG:  My dream job would be a successful fashion designer with my own business and clothing line.

 cropped-images.jpg Any hidden talents?

LG:  Good at hip hop dancing.  Taking photo’s.

 cropped-images.jpg Name one regret you have?

LG:  Not listening to my mom and step dad when I was younger. 

 cropped-images.jpg  One thing you miss about being a kid?

LG:  Dancing, modeling, being energetic and fit.

cropped-images.jpg One thing you love about being a woman?

LG:  Playing dress up

cropped-images.jpg Favourite song at the moment?

LG:  Story of my life by One Direction. 

cropped-images.jpg Favourite fragrance?

LG: Paco Rabanne


The serious stuff:

cropped-images.jpg Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions and practices of individuals or groups?

LG:  Both universal and relative.

cropped-images.jpg Do you think God exists?

LG:  Yes, indeed I do.

 cropped-images.jpg Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?

LG:  I’m sure there’s something out there.

cropped-images.jpg Do you vote? Why/why not?

LG:  I haven’t had the chance to vote yet but I sure will when the time comes. I believe that this country has potential if it’s in the right hands – I am DA all the way.

cropped-images.jpg Your thoughts on gay marriage?

LG:  Im all for gay marriages. Everybody deserves to find love and happiness. A feeling isn’t created by gender, or race but created by the heart…

Lorin Greenhalgh

Lorin Greenhalgh


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