Feel Good Friday – Trumpets

Another week and another good week-end to look forward too.  Today being Valentines Day there is much excitement in the Ferreira household (by the kids that is, this day doesn’t feature on the Nikki/Evert calendar).  Caleb was so excited that he gets to dress in red and white  civvies today.  Although when Ella brought it to his attention he was in ALL red, his response was, well I am white and dressed in red, so there is the red and white!!  Not much grounds to oppose his theory.

Ella has her Grade 7 Valentines Dance this evening.  She super excited and I am very interested to see what my tomboy is going to wear this evening (photo’s to follow).

Not being the grinch of Valentines Day I did pimp up the lunch of the Tribelets…

20140214_055137 20140214_055234 20140214_055916 20140214_063900

As for today’s feel good tune, I was going to go super cheesy with a Barry White classic but I just can’t get this CHEESY tune out of my head….. TRUMPETS…… take a listen…. even if you don’t admit it, I know you will secretly enjoy it.  For those of you with plans to share today with loved ones.. enjoy it!


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