Dear Pops – Random Rambles

Dear Pops,

Seems like ages since we had a catch up… so much has already happened this year.

Tayla – off to Varsity she has gone, settled into her res and still coming home over week-end’s to catch up on series, bring her washing and raid the fridge.

Ella-Blu – can you believe it is her last year of primary school?  I went to the Fish Hoek High School open evening to see what they have to offer for next year.  I have never been a fan of the school but that is due to all the whispers in Valley.  I was pleasantly surprised at what the school had to offer and it goes to show making an informed decision is always better.  I have filled the application form out, all good to go and be dropped at the school.  Can you believe Ella had to sign a Drug Testing Consent Form?  What has this world come too?  She left on her Grade 7 Camp this morning.  They have gone to the Breede River for a couple of days.  She has is so excited about the abseiling. Not sure where that adrenaline junkie comes from.

Caleb – has settled into Grade 2.  He had a part as a newsreader in their assembly. Ev said he took it all very seriously on stage.  He is LOVING cricket.  Bats in the front yard until it is dark at night.  Even gets Mili to bowl him when Ev and Ella have retired from the game.  He has also got over his fear of water and is even doing swimming as a sport at school.

Mili-Flyn – this is one I am sad you never got to meet.  What a character.  Being number 4 in line can’t be easy and I reckon it is a case of sink or swim.  This madam has definitely taken to swimming and marching to her own drum.  She adores her brother.  He is the first thing she asks for when she opens her eyes in the morning.  We started her at a playschool last month.  Only 2 mornings a week,  I didn’t want to overwhelm her at first.  Did I get it wrong! She now cries on the mornings she doesn’t get to go to school and from next month she will be going 5 mornings a week.

Ev – has totally taken to his new job like duck to water.  He is now no longer the agent looking for opportunities for his players but working for a couple sports brands.  So the shoe is on the other foot.

From my side this year is looking to be a whole lot better than last year.  I still have days where I think I am stuck in pile of sinking sand and operate on autopilot; I do think that is part of parenting though. So much to do.  So much to be responsible for.  I now appreciate all that you and Mom did when I was kid. I always had what  I needed and then some.  I now realise how hard it is to sometimes make those things happen for the Tribelets… loads of “behind the scenes” stuff they never need to know about and thankfully I never knew about it.  You just made it happen.  Thank-you.

In general news, Graeme Smith resigned as Protea’s captain.  I know he would not have been your favourite, since you were a Kepler fan. How I still don’t understand! Even though I myself am not a 100% Smith fan (yes Pops, my heart still belongs to Hansie) the records speak for themselves and it will be a loss to our Protea’s.

Oh, I found a recipe that is almost identical to Ouma’s Christmastime Mustard.  I have almost mastered it and it is so good I don’t reserve for Christmas, we feast on it 12 months a year.

Miss you and wish we could have a quickly catch up but I you keep an eye over me daily.  Love to all up there with you.


PS… Have you seen Tata Madiba yet?




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