Feel Good Friday – Happy

This week was one which makes me appreciate having a husband and taking my hat off to all single parents out there. Ev was away for the first couple of days and when back has been at the Argus Expo until after 8pm.  Which means this “Domestic Goddess” has had to do the shopping, “make” dinner, supervise homework, get the Tribelet’s bathed, help Ella pack for camp and respond to my name being called at least every 5 minutes.

Camp finally arrived for Ella on Wednesday (also just in time for my sanity). She headed off to The Breede River with the rest of her grade 7 classmates.  The school is so good about sending sms’s, which keeps us updated to what they are getting up too.  No doubt I will hear the repeat and detailed version tonight from Ella.

I noticed this morning that Caleb had cut his own fringe.  I must get a photo and post it.  He actually did a very good job, it is very straight, albeit it very short and making him look like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber.

Week-end plans are to catch up with mates that are down for the Argus.  Sunday we will put the Weber and braai as all the cyclist come past the house.  So if you cycle and are peckish, stop off for a snack.

Today’s tune can only make you smile but then doesn’t anything that Pharrell Williams does put a smile on your dial?

Have a good week-end peeps!


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