Strangest thing

I was tasked with going to get a few things at the shop on Saturday afternoon.  This is by far my least favourite task, especially if I have Tribelets in tow. I was lucky enough to escape alone and headed to PnP.

After doing a very quick whip around and getting the few items needed I started the search for the ever few tills in operation at our local PnP.  I sussed out the scene and quickly fell in behind a lady with a trolley load of goodies and a little girl in it.  The lady in front of me was next in line to pay, which doesn’t mean much as the staff at our local do not move at lightning speed…  After doing a quick check in her trolley she turned to me, asked me to look after her daughter while she went to swap her chicken and said I could before her if the lady ahead finished up.  Next thing she was gone.

I hit a bit of a panic as I don’t generally like to hold people up and realised I was left staring a 4 year old who looked the least bit stressed that she had been left alone with a stranger.  By this time I had a feisty local behind me who couldn’t really work out what was happen.  The lady at the till finished up and I proceeded to get my stuff unpacked.  I mentioned to the teller that the Mom had gone to swap her chicken and left the girl in trolley with me.  Tellers only response to me was that it is so annoying when you get to the till with your chicken and realise someone has poked a hole in the packaging.  She asked if I knew how many germs could have got in there.  Her brainwave was then for me to unpack the missing Mom’s trolley to speed up the process.  I paid, unpacked the trolley and we waited.  Feisty lady next in line behind the missing Mom was getting pretty pissed off. I don’t think she could piece together what my part in this whole missing Mom saga was.

Eventually, at least TEN minutes after missing Mom, went missing, she reappeared with fresh chicken and a few extra goodies added to the list.  She didn’t look the least bit perturbed that she had taken so long and proceeded to get the rest of her stuff scanned and proceeded to pay!

This is a petty rant or ramble but is it normal to leave your child to be looked after over by a total stranger?  Is it normal for your child to be totally okay with this? I know my lot would not be charmed and I am sure Mili would scream the roof off if I left her with a stranger and headed off in the other direction.  Is Stranger Danger no longer a thing we teach our kids?

The Stranger Danger rules don’t apply in this instance but I found this very cool worksheet to jog the memory of our kiddies.  Lets keep our little people safe.




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