Feel Good Friday – Changes

What a week.  I feel like the school holiday’s have just snuck up behind me.  We only got the Tribelets ready for their first day of school like what seems a couple of weeks ago!

Parent teacher meetings done, Mili enrolled to attend school 5 mornings a week as she cries on the days she doesn’t go AND a very exciting week for me personally…. can’t share just yet… watch this space…. and if nothing evolves, just assume it didn’t happen.

I have been glued to following the ABSA Cape Epic this week.  So stoked for our mate Hans who has done so well.  Looks like all that hard work paid off for him. We head off to Lourensford on Sunday to welcome him after his great achievement.  Then next week-end a little Tequila party is on the cards.  Hans is gong to make up for 2 years of declining social invitations.

I was looking for the new Mi Casa tune but don’t see that there has been a video done yet.  Next best things is Changes by FAUL & Wad Ad vs Pnau, could actually be a fitting tune if all my plans fall into place.  In the cheesy words of Ron Burgundy: “You stay classy Cape-Town”



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