The one where I land the dream job……….

They say things happen in 3’s…..


The last week or so has been crazy.  I was presented with the opportunity to interview for what to me, is the DREAM JOB.  All went well but as always you don’t want to get over confident and feel disappointed.  So while I was quietly confident I kept it all very much on the lowdown.  Friday I received the news that the position was mine!!  Project and Events at an awesome institution…. more details will follow of this, it deserves a blog post of it’s own, so for now I am just sharing the basics.



I entered a competition on Inspired Living  where you win a prize to visit Dermalogica to see their new Clear Start range for teenagers and you get to meet the Spud cast.  We ended up winning, which I found out on Friday.  Ella was absolutely stoked to attend this.  What an great morning.  The Dermalogica team were fantastic in making us feel at home and Ella was in her element as she got too sit next Sven for most of the morning.  My dealing with the acting community is limited, is any, but i can honestly say that Sven was ever the professional.  Taking time to chat to everyone, very obliging to have photo’s taken, sign autographs and show a genuine interest in the girls he got to chat with.  The bonus for me is that he is homegrown talent. #ProudlySouthAfrican

Ella and Sven

Ella and Sven


While Ella and I were waiting to go to the Dermalogica event I decided to grab a quick coffee at Vida.  While we were sitting down Ella (with her eagle eye) spotted Kahn Morbee chatting to the lady at the table next to me.  I am not often at a loss for words but I was deemed speechless. Ella went to chat to him, proceeded to have me take a photo, while he chatted to us, I giggled and blushed. I know… rookie but hey, I am the ulitmate Parlotones Groupie.

Ella and Kahn

Ella and Kahn


This post would not be complete without making special mention of  Hans De Ridder.  We were at Lourensford yesterday to see him complete his Epic journey.  One can only respect such an achievement, 718km’s on a mountain bike over 8 days, of which it rained for most of those days.  Well done Hans, your hard work and determination is an inspiration to plenty.  Look forward to celebrating with you this week-end.





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