Wow, it seems like a lifetime since I posted anything here.  So much has been happening that I doubt I can squish it all into one post.

The fact that I went for a fitness assessment needs it’s own post and space, that is BIG!!  So watch this space for those details and progress.  #SkinnyBiatchInProgess

April has come and gone in a blur.  New job, birthday and loads of long week-ends… BLISS!

The new J O B:

Sports Science Institute of South Africa!  This is where I am now spending my days and loving it.  I am working in the Marketing Department (Projects & Events) and get to spend time with the most amazing bunch of people.  So much on the go here and I am finding my feet and touching ground.

The Birthday:

With my birthday being slap in the middle of the week and that being the first week at the new J O B… it was pretty relaxed.  Caleb had his Spotlight Day (a morning where all the focus / spotlight is on one child, they can bring pets, toys, photo’s etc to school) so off Mili and I headed with Snowy to be part of Caleb’s Spotlight Day.  It was such a great morning chatting to the class about Caleb and having them all share what they loved about him.  Caleb then decided to share with his class that it was my birthday, to which I go serenaded by 20 odd Grade 2 boys…which was very sweet… then Caleb added that I had turned FORTY TWO.  They normally clap for the amount of years the birthday person has turned. I could see the exhaustion on their faces as they had to clap FORTY TWO times!

The birthday did extend itself to Easter week-end where we had the traditional braai with good mates.  Always one of my best things to spend time with our crowd and glad to mention that we have found our mate Hans (after being MIA due to training for the ABSA Cape Epic)!

Long Week-end’s

Easter was busy with Two Oceans marathon (which Ev did the half), family visiting and friends over. This long week-end we were thoroughly spoilt.  We got to spend it at Arabella Hotel and Spa (aka Paradise for kids).  ***** all the way.  Our suite was great, with ample space for our large family.  Food was unbelievable…a feast of protein which would make any Banter smile.  The kids were entertained in the day by swimming, playing putt putt and EATING.  They catered for the kids in the evening my screening movies and had staff to look after the “little one” too, which allowed parents to relax and dine in peace.  For anyone heading that way, be sure to sit poolside and order a Strawberry Daiquiri, you will not be sorry. 

That is a very condensed version of what I have been up too.  Today I am back at the fitness centre to get my personalised training programme after the fitness assessment. Myself and a colleague are also starting The Real Meal Revolution today.. I will post details of this so you can see the progress from sedentary sloth to skinny biatch!  This will also keep me motivated and think twice when opening that bag of chips. Myself and a colleague are starting The Real Meal Revolution today So here is to fitness, wellness, health and The Real Meal Revolution.

The motivation that I need!

The motivation that I need!


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