Feel Good Friday – Selfies

Another week of Public holiday’s after an amazing week-end spent at Arabella chilling.  This week did bring with it a meeting with Lyle (biokineticists  at Sports Science) who after my fitness assessment, gave me a personlised training programme.  This has seen 3 visits to the fitness centre for me this week (which totals more in my life, EVER).  I am also back on the Real Meal Revolution, which I think is doing Ev’s head in slightly!  This has brought about the discovery of my new fave food, Double Cream Greek Yoghurt… delish!

Work is uber cool and very vibey. This afternoon we head on a little “span bou” expedition up Lion’s Head then a team dinner.  Looking forward to that!

Week-end plans are preparing for Mili’s party next week.  Caleb has a party tomorrow and I am popping in at Cupcake Mummy’s 26th’s birthday picnic!

Today’s tune is not necessary one I love but the video did make me smile!!  The selfie craze has taken over!
Good week-end to all out there.  Stay safe and chilled!



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