Week 2 of the journey of the sedentary sloth!

I survived week 1 of the journey turning me from sedentary sloth to skinny biatch!

I received my personalised training programme from a very patient Lyle and went guns blazing into it.  The bonus for me is that the fitness centre is on the ground floor, my office is on the 4th floor.  A more convenient scenario I could not wish for.

I am definately still very much a gym newbie.  Yes, I am the chick walking around the gym with her printed training programme in her hand, the one battling to adjust the seat on the machines, the one who gets sprayed in the eye at the water fountain because I haven’t yet mastered the exact angle my head needs to be at and the one who cannot yet read the newspaper while using the epilipical machine! In the changing rooms I am the chick who walks to the shower still fully clothed, showers in her slops and gets dressed in record time without showing too much flesh!  That does not bother me in the least though, I am on a mission to get fit and shake the muffin top.

I have been very tempted to climb on the scale in the changing room but I am hold out until next week.  That will be week 3 and I feel a good time to see some progress.

All in all I am feeling great though and did find the graceful decent down the gym stairs with jelly legs one of the hardest things.

As for the eating plan, I had previously tried Real Meal Revolution but fell prey to the dreaded tummy bug, then fell prey to copious amounts of Public Holidays.  While doing it I did feel I had defiantely lost cm’s around my waist (the shrinking muffin top).  So I gave it another try.  I am a ALL or NOTHING type while the phase/trend has me captivated.  If I loose interested my intention spans reverts to that of a goldfish.  So I started with the mindset that it needed to be ALL or NOTHING.

The changes I have made is no sugar!  So coffee now tastes a little different but I am convinced with good quality coffee it is not half bad (yes, I am a coffee snob).  The fizzy drinks are off the list.  I speed walk past the Creme Soda’s at the store now.

No carb’s. I have never been the biggest fan of bread and rice, so that part is a breeze.  The pasta and potato’s that I have divorced myself from are not that easy, but I plod on and try new things!

Signing off today as someone who now takes the stairs and not the lift!  Which might lead my family members to believe that this post was not written by me at all.

PS… Happy voting tomorrow.. hope you all make the effort to go and exercise your Democratic right and make your mark!



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