Week 3 of the journey of the sedentary sloth!

Today’s sees me into week 3 of this Journey.  All in all, things are going well.

I am enjoying the gym sessions (yes, this is Nikki typing, this blog has not been hijacked by a gym bunny and no, I do not have someone holding a gun to my head as I type).  I am starting to feel like I am making progress.  I can cycling for a little long then I could in first week.  The weights for my arms are feeling more comfortable, I am sure my facial expressions no longer look like I am trying to squeeze a marshmallow into a parking meter.  I had a chat to my guru, Lyle.  Well more like I was begging to be measured to see the progress and we are waiting until next week…sigh!  I did however hop on the scale in the changing room as it kept calling out to me and was pleasantly surprised.

The eating plan/revolution is also going much better then I would have imagined.  The lack of any sugar in my coffee, which to me seemed like hiking Mount Everest has actually turned out to be very easy.  All in the name of good quality coffee as I mentioned before.  I am starting to get slightly bored with what I have been eating and need to go through the recipes and find something exciting.  The thing I miss the most???  Fizzy drinks… Creme Soda, gosh, that I miss.  I have to say I am impressed that I survived Mili’s 3rd birthday party without a cheat.  Probably because I was being the “hostess with the mostess” and did not  give  much thought to all the sugar yummies around me.

A story of what a real gym rookie I am.  I arrive at work in my gym gear, which thanks to the husband is all top quality stuff.  Helps in making me look professional and a little less rookie. I am sure people must think: Wow, she is wearing very cute Mizuno’s and cool Skins compression tights with pink edging, she must be a seasoned athlete!  (Well that is what I tell myself)  I have now taken to packing work clothes for the next day, in the evenings. So all I need to do is pick up the bag and leave the house.  After a gym session where I actually felt I had sweated (horror) I headed off for a much needed shower and then to change for work.  I returned to my locker, towel still tucked tightly around as much of my body as it could cover.  Between the buzz of ladies chatting about grandchildren, what coffee they will be having later and when they will next be meeting, I tried to get changed, with the towel still around me.  So the top part of me was all ready for business (cardigan and vest), I then peered into my locker for my jeans, nothing.  Looked in my bag, nothing.  Looked back in the locker, this time lifting my trainers to make sure they were perhaps “hiding” underneath them, nothing!  I now broke out in a bigger sweat then I did while training!  All a girl could do was pull on her Skins compression tights with pink edging, pack up and saunter out the changing room.

I had all good intention of heading to Mr P for a R89 pair of jeans once they opened but James (colleague) assured me that nobody would even notice.  So I spent a full working day in gym gear!  Only one person asked me at about 10am while I was heading for a meeting if I was off for a run! A good result.

The big plus for me and motivator is that I dug deep into the back of my cupboard and found a pair of pants I had been keeping for when I dropped a couple of kg’s…. and they now fit (again).

Until next week, signing out as the Sedentary Sloth … soon to be Skinny Biatch!



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