Feel Good Friday – Down South

The first 5 day working week in YONKS and I survived it!  Mili’s birthday is finally done… and we have a break until August when Ella-Blu turns 13 and she has requested to have a disco.  I am not sure if my nerves are ready for that, I managed to sidestep that party with Tayla.

This week-end is also set to be a busy one.  Caleb has a tag rugby game tomorrow morning.  He a little bleak he can’t play in his boots, so said he would just wear them to the game!  These games always amuse me and the boys are so cute at this stage.  During the last game we watched, Caleb and his mate just stopped running and decided to stroll and have a conversation, totally oblivious to the fact there was a game happening right next to them!  It is then onto a 21st and a curry evening!!

I feel like I have been living under a rock that I had no clue, firstly that Jeremy Loops was South African and secondly he was from Kommetjie!!  I love Down South and although there is no actually video, take a listen to the song… then I added the Power video. I think after a long week deserve it.  If you haven’t heard of this guy, take a listen, you will not be disappointed. #ProudlySouthAfrican

Have a good week-end, hopefully a restful one if you have had a manic week.







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