Week 4 of the journey of the sedentary sloth!

Today is the start of week 4 and day 22 of life without a couple of things and life with a few added extra’s.

Fitness Centre – I found myself sending a message to a mate asking him when he was going to join me for a “gym sesh”.  The reply was one that needs a PG rating therefore not to be repeated here.  “Gym sesh” who even says that?  Apparently me!  I have slightly adapted my gym programme.  Yes, you did read that correctly, I ADJUSTED IT.  The conversation went something like this:

Dear Nikki,

How are things going with the programme? You finding your way alright with the machines?


To which I had no choice but to be honest and reply as follows:

Dear Lyle,

Machines are all good.  Just about that stretching, I am not feeling it, well actually I am but I am not enjoying it!   😦


To which I received a very quick reply:

Dear Nikki,

Stretching  is a form of injury prevention so it would be good for you to do it.


I had no choice here but to start reasoning like a Mother.

Dear Lyle,

Will I die if I don’t stretch?



Dear Nikki,

No you will not.


So that is how my programme received a minor adjustment and instead of stretching at the end, I walk 5 laps around the track.

Banting – I am fully into the swing of this now.  We went to the place all parents go when a child turns 3….. The Spur!  I managed to survive that without eating the bun and chips!! Victory I tell you.  Dinner on Saturday at The Bailey/Vember’s was good.  Curry, potjie and salad, I just sidestepped the rice and chocolate brownies.  For anyone who has tasted Elana’s brownies, that is a very impressive step.

Measurements – seems we are only doing the measurements after 6 weeks.  I did weigh myself this morning, in a very fully changing room (desperate measures) and I am very happy to report I have lost 3 Kg’s…. THREE KILOGRAMS (DRIE KILOGRAM for my Afrikaans peeps – that is basically Hans & Liesl)

This makes all the hard work worth it.  Added to that I am feeling great, more energy and was able to buy a very cute pair of jeans a whole size smaller!

Tonight I am hosting “Book Club” at our house.  I will be raising a glass (or 3) of bubbles to celebrate (Sorry Tim)….. Talking of which, tomorrow morning I am attending a breakfast with Prof Tim Noakes as the speaker.  Very interested to take a listen and ask how to prefect that cauliflower pizza base!

This week I sign out as the Happy Sloth (soon to be Skinny Biatch)


Happy Sloth

Happy Sloth


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