Feel Good Friday – Riptide

Slowly getting back into the swing of the 5 day week.  A busy week filled with Book Club, work breakfast’s and general things a Domestic Goddess gets to do like cooking, homework and general crowd control.

Was super excited to find out I had won tickets on Rattle and Mum to see Johnny Clegg’s, The Royal Albert Hall Concert, show.  So next week Saturday I head off to see him and you can be sure I will report back on that.

Caleb has a tag rugby festival tomorrow morning.  So we will all be bundled up, me clutching coffee and heading over the mountain for a 8am start.  Other than that a week-end of some QT family time is on the cards.

Since making the switch from 5fm to kfm, not only has my Afrikaans improved but I have also gotten to listen to some “older/classic” music, which is fine by me.  This tune is not an older one but has grown on me.  Take a listen to Ripetide, it is bound to put you in a good Friday mood.

Have a good week-end.


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