Week 5 of the journey of the sedentary sloth!

Week 5 dawns and I am still here! Who would have thought? Well, I know my bunch would not have backed me, but then I might have been with them on that one.

Fitness Centre stuff – I got chatting to colleague, Given, and thought it would be cool to have a “gym buddy”.  She is super chilled, I enjoy chatting to her, so seemingly that would make a perfect “gym buddy”. Was I in for a surprise.  

 Now to give you some background information, with Sports Science being what it is, nothing is done by half measure and all assistance you need in the fitness centre will be provided to you by a Biokineticist aka bio (not a personal trainer, do not make the mistake thinking they are the same).  With Sports Science having an intake of bio’s every year you find bio’s all positions here from marketing to managing the fitness centre.

Rewind back to my first session with Given.  All went well, I did my usual routine, she ran on the treadmill and we met on the bikes and cycled the last 20 minutes together.  Bliss, match made in heaven.  Exercise and social time.  Could I wish for a better fit.

Session 2 arrives and Given gets there a little late.  I am almost done with my programme, all that is left to do is cycling and walk the track.  As I am briskly walking around the track I spot Given setting out some goodies on the floor area.  I decide to stop for a chat and take a seat on the pezi ball.  Only to be told to grab a mat and join in. Hmm, okay.  Before I knew it I was using weights, kettlebell’s and found myself in all sorts of positions on the mat.  Suddenly the penny dropped, I asked Given if she too was a bio only to be told, no a Sports Scientist!!  So there you have it. My gym buddy is an undercover trainer and put up with me squealing, moaning and before I knew it my legs no longer belonged to me.

The long and short of it is that as much as I moaned at her, I really enjoyed the session and am looking forward to our twice weekly hook up’s.  

 Banting stuff – Without a doubt the first question I get asked when I mention I work at Sports Science is something to do with Prof Tim Noakes.  The reality is that Prof Noakes does not even work on the same floor as I do and that Sports Science is big organisation and not just a “gym”.

We hosted a breakfast for competition finalists last week and Prof Noakes was one of the guest speakers.  It was a small group of 20 people and of course I was very stoked that I would finally get to meet him.  One of the perks of being an Event Co-Ordinator is that you get to do the seating plan.  Can you see where this is heading?  No prizes for guessing who I was seated next too.  I had my reservations as to what he would be like, since I have this idea that most academics have limited social skills.  Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised.  What a down to earth guy.  We chatted about everything from banting to  family and varsity life. Even if I was not forming part of his so called Revolution, I would been impressed with him. When we packed up to leave Prof Noakes was still sitting at a table chatting.  

The eating is going well.  Seemed to have found a groove of what I am enjoying.  The sugar longing is slowly disappearing.  I walk confidently through the isle of death at Woolies and have even managed to resist buying the new Bubbly or Lindt Cookies & Cream chocolate.

A big week in our office for James as he heads to Durb’s to take part in his first Comrades.  Will be firmly glued to all forms of social media and TV to follow his progress.  Take a hop over to his new blog What it takes, which documents the journey of change he has been on!  Good Luck James!!

Peace out today from a very content Sloth 

This is what my work out with Given entailed

This is what my work out with Given entailed


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