Feel Good Friday – Johnny Clegg

Another week behind us and it has been a good one.  Things at work are falling into place and I am getting into the swing of how things operate here.  We are working on an exciting remake of a popular programme we offer, keep a look out for that one.

Ev left for the Comrades expo yesterday.  So I am flying solo on the crowd control aka parenting duty.  Luckily the Tribelets social calendar for this week-end is not too full.  For me on the other hand The Johnny Clegg (Royal Albert Hall) concert is on Saturday. Flip, I am super excited. Hence today’s music choice.

About this weather!  Cape-Town has been very good to me since we moved here in 2009.  Blessing us with mild Winter, not too much rain.  I feel that is all about to change.  Kids have even resorted to wearing beanie’s to school, just the shoes we need to convince them to wear now.  Living in the Valley shoes are NOT a necessity, not even to school.

Both of today’s video inserts are what I have to look forward to tomorrow evening.  So only right to share.  Johnny Clegg/Juluka/Savuka always brings all kinds of good memories and that Proudly South African glow.

To James, who is doing his first Comrades on Sunday, nothing but respect for you.  I assume you will be taking the lift and not the stairs up to the office on your return?

Wishing everyone a great week-end, stay safe and warm.



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