Week-end vibes

Week-end’s have been packed with work and Tribelet events.  So this was the first week-end in ages we went out, with mates and without the Tribelet’s.  BLISS!

Friday night was chilled. We took the Tribelet’s to the Waterfront and then onto The Creamery.  I have been living in Cape-Town for 5 years!  How is it possible I only discovered this now? As much as I love ice-cream, I decided to decline joining in on the fun (you know the whole #lchf vibe).  I did however sample each of the Tribelet’s ice-cream choice.  They got 65% chocolate, sweet cream and s’more.  My vote goes with the sweet cream. Delish!

Saturday saw us heading off to the rugga.  We stopped off at the SAB beer tent outside the grounds, where the guys did some carbo loading.

Our rugby crew, less Hans who took the photo!

Our rugby crew, less Hans who took the photo!

The game was very enjoyable.  I did for a moment think I was at Loftus with the amount of Kurt Darren that was being played. Newlands was less cold than I imagined it would be.  While watching the game Elana and I got talking.  Now as a girl I do enjoy watching sport (with the exception of golf).  Even more so if South Africa is playing.  I however do not know all the rules and can’t get up from my chair and curse the ref for an offside pass that he didn’t witness, so for the less educated girl (or guy) some eye candy does help to add to the enjoyment factor.

This brought about the rise of a new Wednesday feature…. Hump Day Hottie!  

Elana Bailey and I have committed to tirelessly scouting the sporting scene in search of hotties, that will in turn increase in the interest of girls nationwide to watch sport.  Surely this is a good thing?  Keep a look out for our first hottie on Wednesday!  And btw girls, you are very welcome!

Sunday saw tucked me away at home, not putting a foot out the door.  Catching up on some series and being entertained by my crazy bunch.

Here is to everyone having a great week.




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