Week 7 of the journey of the sedentary sloth and the results are in!

Today marks the start of week 7, which means it would have been time for a follow up assessment!  But first, an update on the other stuff.

Fitness Centre – Wednesday at Sports Science is fun day.  Lyle gives a Staff Class at 1pm, which is instructor’s choice.  This could vary from boxing to cardio to core work.  I have been skeptical to join in but was assured that the class is paced for the individual. So off I headed.  There are a couple of members that join in the class but for the most part it is staff.  This also adds to the fun element as there are loads of staff members we don’t get to see often, so Staff Class turns into Social Class.

The class started with Lyle saying runners and walkers twice around the track.  Everyone headed off, RUNNING.  As you know, I don’t RUN.  So I set off with a quick walking stride, only soon to have a partner. A chap who proceeded to talk nonstop and over shared slightly.  Needless to say after a couple of exercises when Lyle said runners and walkers twice around the track, I RAN.  Yes, I RAN.  Thing is I managed just fine and proceeded to run every time we were set that task.  I loved the staff class and will add it to my weekly exercise routine.  And, no, I don’t want to be a runner, for all my friends that are getting ready to invite me to any races!

Banting – Cottage pie with cauliflower mash is turning into a firm favourite.  The challenge at the moment with following the #lchf eating plan is finding cauliflower!

Assessment – I went to see Lyle who did the initial assessment and was actually a little nervous. I had been weighing myself so I had a fair idea of how I had done there… but the cm’s and cholesterol… I wanted to see what had happened there. Without any further ado…. results below:

Sedentary Sloth’s results

Not too shabby for a first time gym bunny!!  Oh, my cholesterol was not high to start with but has dropped by 0,20.  So seems the banting diet (lchf) and exercise are working out well for me.

Peace out from a somewhat skinnier and fitter Sloth xxx




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