hUmp Day Hottie – Willie Le Roux

hump day hottie

Today we feature our first hUmp Day Hottie.   Miss Bailey and I have a very strict criteria and scorecard that needs to be completed before our hUmp Day Hottie is crowned.  I will be sharing the criteria with you next week in order for you to submit your weekly Hottie!

There wasn’t much debate about who gained the title, basing our selection on who was on the field at Newlands on Saturday,  Miss Bailey and I were unanimous  in our decision ……….

** insert drum roll please**

Willie le Roux

What wiki had to say:   (born 18 August 1989) is a South African rugby union footballer. He is an extremely versatile back-line player who generally plays as a fullback or wing, though earlier in his career he played mostly as a fly-half.  Le Roux was born and raised in the Western Cape.

Since we were not able to get hold of Willie for an interview and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what we imagined he would say:

L,K&OT: Willie, so nice to meet you.  You have so many female fans and supporters out there and they all want to know, when it comes to women, what is your type? Are you a legs guy, or an ass guy or a boobs guy or an abs guy?



L,K&OT: Boobs. Interesting. What would you do if you had boobs?

L,K&OT: Yeah, we do that all the time. So much fun. If you were a super hero, what would you want your super power to be?

Untitled 2

L,K&OT: Super Rugby? Wow, we’re not convinced that you love Rugby. What would you say is your strength?


L,K&OT: WHOA! Big…bank account you have there. The smile, shoulders and arms are just bonuses. You can stay.

Thanks to Getty Images, Sports24 & Arena Sport for the images we borrowed!



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