Week 9 of the journey of the sedentary sloth

The start of week 9 and still going strong.

Fitness Centre – I am now getting the hang of the Fitness Centre and loving my time there.  The changing rooms are still a little daunting to me and I am haunted by naked ladies demonstrating their latest yoga positions to each other!  Sadly my partner in crime is injured, so I have taken to joining classes. This does mean I often need to run around the track.  Which is not the worst thing.  Only problem is I can hear myself run.  I sound like a baby elephant. Which makes me think that I probably look like a baby elephant too.  At this point in time I am just impressed I can “run”.  I will need to work on a graceful gait some other time.

My view from my session today.  Death by Ab's Day!

My view from my session today. Death by Ab’s Day!

Banting – For those banting, go and check out CauliQueen.  This is a business that makes banting/lchf easy.  All banting/lchf products made from cauliflower are available from Bronwyn.  The most amazing part is how she manages to get her hands on cauliflower.  A very rare find on my side of the mountain.  I have had the wraps and they are great.  Next stop for me is to sample the pizza bases.

Book club this evening and time for the monthly cheat.  Bring on the bubbles.

Peace out from a somewhat stiff and fitter Sloth xxx



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