Week 10 of the journey of the sedentary sloth

Into week 10, wow, double figures.  Not sure I ever believed I would exercise for any amount of double figures, other than seconds!

Fitness Centre – after much persuasion from my collegue, Nici aka EarthchildI decided to join her for a spinning class.  My first ever!  The thing that I need to remind everyone of is that exercise has NEVER been part of my life.  Mr Marshall even felt it part of his duty as my Grade Head in Std 8 to inform my folks that I had not taken part in 3 terms of sport (which was compulsory) and I was swiftly put on Sports Report Card.  Thanks, Mr Marshall.  Forcing me to “play” badminton never encouraged me to work up a sweat.  The point here is that I don’t have that thing they all speak of, muscle memory.  My poor muscles suffer from amnesia and are now only in the learning process.

Back to the spinning class.  Thankfully for me I was seated at the back of the class with the trusty Jess next to me (yes, she is also a bio).  She showed me the ropes and I survived. Although I need a little private session to work on my technique for all that climbing stuff.  Thanks to Hans who was a little late with his message to me… “don’t suppose you have cycling pants with padding on…”  Rookie move on my part, I will be sure to be padded up for the next class.

Winning at Spinning

Winning at Spinning

Banting – Seems this has taken off in a big way.  I think Prof Noakes was onto something when he titled his book, Real Meal Revolution.  I went to a kiddies birthday party on Saturday and my friend had even catered for the “banters”.  

Peace out from the stiff legged and numb butted Sloth 




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