How I met your Father – part 2

Rewind to Thursday 29 October. I was at working, planning for a girl’s week-end in PE, due to start the next day. Much excitement.  When I got the call.  It was from Heidi, my bff from grade 1 and partner in crime along my recent journey I had embarked on.  She had received a call from a mate of ours, Chad, who played cricket for Boland.  He had invited us out from drinks. She had to work that evening but kindly volunteered my services to meet up with Chad after his team dinner, have a few drinks and she would join us later.

Off I went to collect Chad from O’Hagans, insisting to Heidi that it would be an early night, since we were heading to PE the next day and planned to party up a storm there.  I arrived at O’Hagan’s to find Chad and 2 guys waiting outside.  Only to find 2 extra passengers in the car.  I asked Chad if his “other friend” wanted to join us, he said he was cool and wasn’t keen.

Off we headed to Buccaneers which on Thursday’s had a 2 for 1 student special.  We get chatting over a couple of drinks and I notice the friend we left on the pavement outside O’Hagans has walked in.  The friend heads to the bar, gets a drink and joins us.  No introductions are done and we continue chatting.  Chad then reminds me of us meeting up at Barney’s the year before (when I was heading to CPT for the wedding).  We discuss the crazy guy who wanted to chuck Chad off the balcony.  Chad then mentions that all the same people are around the table, except for Andrew.  I, in all my wisdom and with my filter firmly switched off, remind him that someone is missing… this is how the conversation goes:

Chad: It is actually the same crowd around the table, except for Andrew.

Me: No, there is someone else missing.

Chad: Who?

Me: I can’t remember his name now but remember it being an Afrikaans name.

Chad: Hmm, what did he look like?

Me: Hot, with bleached hair, kind of reminded me of Shane Warne. In fact he might even have had an earring.

Chad: Oh, yes. So I am right. We are all here.  Nikki, this is Evert Ferreira (points to friend we left on the pavement) he shaved his bleached hair last week.

Me: Oh (gulp) Hi (gracefully gets up and heads to the bar to consume a couple of shooters)

The night progresses. Heidi arrives, the crowd grows and the party ends up moving from Buccaneers to Heidi’s house.  (Only because we were asked to leave Buccaneers as it was closing). In the end my early evening I committed too turns into an early morning, as I get walked home from Heidi’s house as the sun is rising by a very shy guy.

Thankfully I had the next day off work due to our road trip to PE. Speaking of road trip, this was delayed by a day partly because we were shattered from the previous evening and also because I received an invitation  to go out to dinner from the “Shane Warne” look alike.  The honest truth is that I wanted to stay in Slummies and not head to PE.  Back in the “D” wild horses would not have kept me away from a girl’s week-end.

When giving thought to this post, I was surprised at the details I remembered.  Getting the first phone call to be invited to dinner on the Friday evening.  I was drawing money at the ATM at the Berea Spar.  When we did head to PE the next day, I got a phone call that evening and I was standing outside Steers (I had not yet committed to a life without carbs).

The PE week-end which turned into a PE evening, happens.  We end up at a foam party at Indigo’s.  I leave the girls there and head back to our flat, 3 late nights in a row taking it’s toll.  I think impact also took it’s toll on the Boland cricket team if you check the results of the game 🙂

Back in Slummies I receive a call from the shy guy.  We go for coffee as he is leaving the next day. So this is the end of the road, after a great week-end.  We say our good-bye’s and that is that.

The thing is I knew from the start that this was something different.  I had NOT been looking for any form of commitment after ending my previous relationship.  I was all about having fun, living life a little and was happy to be a single mom to a very cool kid.  I was determined not to fall back into the Slummies mentality.


The Monday after the week-end passes and life goes on.  Tuesday arrives and I get a call from the shy guy.  Just a general how are you keeping.  We end up chatting for ages.  These calls end up being a daily occurrence and soon become the highlight of my day.  I get flowers delivered to my office and soon plans start happening for a girls road trip to Cape-Town.

After the trip to Cape-Town things steadily progressed but like most things had it challenges. With him being a Professional Cricketer it meant besides the fact we lived 1000 km’s apart, he spent most of his days traveling. Christmas arrived and we got to spend it together in Slummies.

1999 rolls on.  Any opportunity is taken to spend time together and loads of miles are clocked up between Cape-Town and Slummies.  April arrives, cricket season in SA is over and it time for the shy guy to head to the UK to spend the season in London. The challenge of surviving 5 months apart lies ahead.

Then, one night or should I say the early hours of the morning I get a phone call………..


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