Feel Good Friday – Chasing Cars

You know that feeling when you have had far too much to drink, you go to bed and the room starts spinning? You try putting your feet on the floor to slow things down?  Well, that is how I feel about life! At the moment it is happening too fast, and I feel like putting my foot down to slow everything down, just a little.

Work is crazy but in a good way.  Everything is starting to come together and we have so many cool things on the go that I am battling to find the “off” switch on my brain.

The Tribelet’s are back at school and varsity, thankfully, so some form of “normality” returns to our crazy household.  Caleb has decided he is over tag rugby and now ready for tackle rugby, needless to say I feel he will only be ready for tackle rugby at the age of 30!  Ella is getting geared up for her 13th birthday next month.  In the lines of parties, she has decided to have a “disco”. This means the traditional “girls only” party will not be happening. Not sure Dad is going to cope well with the influx of boys.

Tomorrow, besides the usual week-end party run for one of the Tribelet’s, I am heading over the mountain, into town, visit my stylist.  So excited for this. Besides the fact that I am in desperate need of a haircut, I am taking the 2 older girls with and we are lunching at Tasha’s.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Monday we celebrate our wedding anniversary… and part 3 of How I met your Father features!  Today’s tune is based on Monday’s post and the fact that I could do with some quiet time.  Also happens to one of my all time fave tunes… enjoy it.  Stay safe.  Stay warm!


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