How I met your Father – part 3

One night or should I say the early hours of the morning I get a phone call from a very inebriate and not so shy guy.  After spending ages chatting he ends off the conversation by popping the question.  Expected? No. Romantic? No.  Did I say yes? Hell Yes!  Jumping from the fat to the fire it might have seemed but I knew it was the right thing.

Not long after I was on a plane to spend a couple of months in London.  These were some of the best times, with the most amazing people.  Summers in London are not to be missed.  Back in SA life returned to us being separated by 1000 km.  The shy guy still had a contract with Boland so he was based in Cape-Town. I wanted to stay in Slummies giving Tayla the opportunity to spend time with her Dad and it was my comfort zone.  Moving from Slummies was non negotiable.  We survive 6 more months commuting like mad people.

April 2000 we head back to London were we tie the knot on Friday, 28 July, 2000.  I wanted to head to Gretna Green in Scotland and quietly get married but there was just too much admin being a Saffa.  Another thing I didn’t want was to get married in court.  So the search beings.  Lucky for us we have the most amazing friends who organised EVERYTHING.  By everything, I mean, all I needed to do was turn up on the day.

We got married in Ealing, in the Church of England by a wacky Vicar. Since we had no family present I was luckily to have my “stand in” Dad, George Wambeek, who walked Tayla and I down the aisle. Half way during the church service, the Vicar stopped, asked Tayla is she knew a good hiding for the Crown Jewels and proceeded to show her a little hideaway cupboard behind the alter, before proceeding with the service. After the service a couple of us went to The Pitcher & Piano in Richmond, where we had lunch.

Later we moved onto the Ealing Cricket Club, which had been transformed into the perfect wedding venue, with them going as far as servicing bobotie as one of the dishes to give it that SA touch.  All in all not your traditional white wedding, but the perfect wedding for us.

So that was the start of our journey………


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