The Great Gatsby

If you have been following this blog you would know by now that I am always being educated by my coloured mates.  Learning new things from a crown birthday to the fact that Copenhagen is not only the capital of Denmark but also  a confectionery. The subject of the gatsby ALWAYS arises.  The fact that I have never had a gatsby is always a great discussion point.  Friends have promised to take me for the best gatsby’s in Cape-Town.  Then the debates starts as to which is the best place: Golden Dish, The Farm Stall, Flambo’s etc etc… the list goes on and so does the debate and this little pale face is still to have the GATSBY experience.

That was until yesterday.  The crew (Nabeelah, Zeyaad, Nici & Nikki) decided to educate me and planned a little offsite trip  to Cosy Corner.  So I took a  cheat day from the Banting and the only request I had was I don’t do vienna’s or polony, but then who does?  Nabeelah pre-ordered, so when we arrived we were presented with this….


The Great Masala Gatsby

This beast was soon dispatched onto 4 plates and the games were set to begin.  A rule I was told to abide by, which was non negotiable, eat with your hands… no knife and fork allowed.  After quizzing Zeyaad on whether every gatsby has to have chips, I was told indeed, it would be like going to a prostitute for a hug!  So I tucked in…


Photographic evidence for all the doubters

Even before Tim Noakes and I became BFF’s I have not been a fan of bread.  So while I LOVED the filling, there is just too much damn roll for me.  I ended up leaving half my roll but was sure to eat all the yummy filling, which was masala steak, egg, cheese and CHIPS.

The Great Gatsby Gang

The Great Gatsby Gang

No trip would be complete without a couple of selfies and tourist style photo’s outside the Cosy Corner!


Can anyone spot Nabeelah in this photo?

The trip was such a laugh, especially when I spotted Nici strapped at the back of Zeyaad’s F1 car… I say F1 car as his style of driving lends itself to assume he spends week-end’s at the racetrack!

Buckle up for a trip with F1 racing driver Zeyaad

Buckle up for a trip with F1 racing driver Zeyaad

All in all a very fun experience … doing something for the first time.  Next move for Nici & I as coffee addicts is to try a new coffee shop each month!  This is something I am super keen to do and will have to count as my cheat day, as every good cup of coffee deserves a slice of red velvet cake.


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