Hi, my name is Nikki and I….

Hi, my name is Nikki and I am ….

  1. 42 years old according to my ID book but in my mind I am 21
  2. Mom to 4 Tribelet’s aged between 19 – 3
  3. I love people (the above point could have been a giveaway of that)
  4. One of my favourite things to do is soak in a bubble bath – this doesn’t tend to happen often, having a house full of Tribelet’s (refer point 2 again)
  5. I am still besties with the girl I was seated next to in Sub A (Grade 1).  That friendship has spanned a couple of decades and will last even longer
  6. I love coffee, like, I seriously love coffee
  7. I don’t eat seafood. No I am not allergic to it, the smell puts me off it
  8. I love hearts, as in the shape, have them all over my house, even on my wrist
  9. I have a thing for a Kiwi accent, much to my husband’s disappoint or disgust (or both)
  10. If I could wear sneakers EVERYDAY, I would.. and jeans
  11. I am Proudly South African, hence my love for Protea’s.. the flower and the team
  12. I love the Parlotones… there, I said it
  13. I do not like wine.  I can sip on a glass of white, if need be, without pulling too bad a face but RED wine, not a fan.  I am more of a champagne girl
  14. I love the idea of the beach but all that sea sand freaks me out, that stuff gets in everywhere.  I am normally the only person walking along the beach on slops
  15. My Dad passed away almost 4 years ago and it still sucks
  16. I am dog person, not a cat person
  17. I love music, almost all kinds of it
  18. I live in the Southern Peninsula and love it
  19. I prefer vanilla to chocolate
  20. I would love to get a half sleeve tattoo but can’t decide what I want
  21. I have a passion for nail polish. Which is odd, since I am not what I would call a girly girl
  22. I have a secret desire to cycle the Argus, on a funky pink bicycle with a basket in the front (not so secret anymore)
  23. Not the biggest fan of shopping but I am the biggest fan of a bargain
  24. I used to joke about people who took the stairs when there was a perfectly good lift they could have used. Now I am one of those people who takes the stairs. Judge away.
  25. I love brussel sprouts



2 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Nikki and I….

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Thanks Cindy, I thought a little blog face lift was needed. As for The Parlotones, always a point of debate 🙂

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