It’s a small world afterall



I am constantly being reminded of how small this world is and that the six degrees of separation theory  holds water.  This might get a little confusing with all the people involved, so I will keep it basic.

Rewind to a couple of  Tuesday’s ago, we had our monthly “Book Club” at The Farmers Daughter ‘s house.  The wine was flowing and we all got down to “Book Club” busy – chatting.  The Farmers Daughter mentioned that her friend (let’s call her Kelly), who lives in the USA and is in the wine trade, had met a girl from Cape-Town (who is in the wine trade) and sent some goodies back with her.  The Farmers Daughter made contact with the “local wine girl” to find out about collecting the parcel from her.  It was established that the “local wine girl” worked in town.  With that being a long trip over the mountain for The Farmers Daughter, she inquired whereabouts in town as she has a friend who also works in town (enter my husband, Ev).  The name of the building sounded familiar to The Farmers Daughter, she asked if it had a Vida E Cafe there, turns out it does and not only does the “local wine girl” work in the same building as my husband but in the same office.  This is more amazing to me as my husband is not in the wine industry, the wine company merely rents office space from the company my husband works for!!  Jeez, world just got tiny right there!

“Book Club” ends rather early as I had my Tribelet’s with me.  We all head home, chat to the husband for a little, head to bed around 10:30 pm, get settled to watch Ray Donovan and it happens……….  the sound of a car hitting the pavement.. I wait for the brakes to screech or the sound of impact when BOOM, my bedroom is lit up by the headlights of a car that has driven straight through our wall, almost into the bedroom!



The story of this evening is too chaotic to share but the person driving managed to leave the scene of the accident after the second attempt.  So I was left with a BMW wedged in my wall and all the belongings in the car.  The police advised me to remove everything from the car and start the search for the vehicle owner in the morning.  Luckily the belongings contained 2 cellphones and an ID book (among other interesting items).  Once I had a name from the ID (let’s call him Zaahir) I turned to my friend, The World Wide Web and the search began.  Facebook brought up a profile which matched the person in the car, BINGO.  Gumtree supplied me with a cellphone number as Zaahir had placed a couple of adverts but the number was pointless as I had his cellphone.  The cellphone was also password protected, so I couldn’t go searching to people to contact.  At least now I had a name and a contact number for the driver so  search could continue, the girl in the passenger seat who also legged it was still a mystery.

A couple of hours later the tow truck arrived to collect the vehicle.  The driver had no problem handing over details of the owner.  Name matched, cellphone number matched… then an address and a work number!  As luck would have it and proof of how tiny this world we live in is, one of my colleagues lives in the same block of apartments.  So another step closer.

The next day I started contacting the work number, with no luck.  I was gearing up to go to the apartment block and pay a visit.  One of the 2 cellphones I was holding “ransom” started ringing and a name that looked vaguely familiar came u (let’s call him Craig).  When searching Craig’s name it turned out that he works for one of our best mates at a bike store in the Southern Suburbs.  Lucky me.  So Detective Ferreira contacted the bike store to check who Craig had called a couple of minutes earlier.  So after checking Zaahir and Craig’s friends on Facebook I discover who our mystery woman is (let’s call her Nina).

I eventually manage to contact the business partner of  Zaahir who commits to paying for all damages done to the wall.  So hopefully that saga is over.

So to put it very basically.  A guy and girl crashed into my wall.  The guy lives in the same building as my colleague and the girl is good friends with an employee of one of my best mates.

Flip people, the world is so tiny.  With social media it is really hard to hide. It is like we live in a glass fish bowl for all to see but by the same token we put our lives out there for all too see.




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