hUmp Day Hottie – Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Specter



Willie Le Roux (image borrowed from Getty Images)

Friendships are like any relationship, they work on a give and take basis.  I was in the front of the queue “taking”when we jetted off to interview Adam Levine, as Miss Bailey didn’t share my views on him being a hottie.  I thought it was time for me to do some “giving”.  So I arranged for us to interview Gabrial Macht, a huge fave in Miss Bailey’s hottie arsenal (mine, not so much but if it gets us a trip to NY, hey!).

What wiki had to say: Gabriel S. Macht (born January 22, 1972) is an American actor. Macht is known for playing The Spirit in the film adaptation, and for his role as Harvey Specter on the USA Network series Suits.

What we found out about him:

LK&OT: Hi Harvey, sorry I mean Gabriel!  Miss Bailey is a really big fan, thanks for meeting with us.



LK&OT: Uhm, great, I think.  Just checking if you are in character now?



LK&OT: I am going to take that as a yes, since I see you have a fond liking for ladies from the Southern continents.  So Harvey, any advice you can give aspiring lawyers?



GM/HS: Just kidding.  Here goes with some advice…



LK&OT: Right. Some solid advice with no grey area!  Moving on. You feature top of Miss Bailey’s list of hotties.  How do you feel about being eye candy to the chicks?



GM/HS: Seriously though..


LK&OT: Harvey Specter and Mike Ross are both such strong characters.  What makes Mike different to Harvey?



LK&OT: Not too much emotion shown there towards Mike Ross.



LK&OT: This is not part of the list of questions Miss Bailey has put together for this interview but I couldn’t help but wonder… The moles.  Did you make a conscious Cindy Crawford type decision to not have them removed?



LK&OT: On that note thanks so much for your time.  It was been very ….. interesting.



** Thanks to all on the interwebs that allowed us to use their images.  Miss Bailey was tasked at taking photo’s during the interview but NOTHING, not even one.  *shrugs*


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