Feel Good Friday – Don’t

After a bumper packed last week-end, which saw us having a “chilled” braai on Friday, then off to Currie Cup final on Saturday (which was AMAZING).  This week-end we will be chilling at home as I have my last  BIG event happening at work, which is great.  Then *BOOM* all the social events start happening:

  • Week-end away for a mates 40th
  • School prize givings
  • School concerts
  • Ella’s Grade 7 dance
  • “Book Club” Christmas party
  • Work Year End Function
  • Birthday parties the kids have been invited too
  • **insert many impronto braai’s at our place**

With today being Halloween Mili-Flyn was to dress accordingly for school and Caleb has been invited to a Halloween themed birthday party.  Caleb sorted his “costume” out very easily: camo pants, penguin hat and a gun.  For those that are wondering, he is going dresses as a penguin hunter!  Mili-Flyn on the other hand decided she was having non if this dressing up.  She has gone to school in a spotted Minnie Mouse dress (red) with a pink and grey hoodie.  No amount of persuasion on my part could remotely tempt her to wear the Minnie Mouse ears.

Tomorrow is also the start of the #BlogVember challenge.  Really looking forward to getting back into regular blogging.

Today’s tune is Ed Sheeran’s – Don’t.  I have been a late bloomer in the Ed Sheeran stable, after only discovering him last year.  Love this song and the music video is pretty cool.  Have a good week-end peeps.


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