1. What do you collect? #BlogVember

I am not too sure where the line between collector and hoarder should be drawn.  I will be the first to admit I battle to get rid of things, throw them away, part with them.

With this being said there are small to medium amounts of certain items in my house.  These range from nail polish to watches to scarves… but my favourites would have to be…

The first would be vintage / old school suitcases.  These I have been collecting for at least 20 years,  before the hipsters swooped in and made them cool.  I bought my first one, which is like a large trunk, from a secondhand shop in East London for R10.  Not sure my folks saw the value in my lugging this large “box” home but I just loved it and HAD to have it.

The much loved trunk

The much loved trunk

The second little collection would be a miss matched lot of old teacups I inherited from my Ouma.  These were always used on special occasions and I can remember my delight when they were passed down to me.


Thirdly would be the biggest obsession collection….. ♥, yes HEARTS.  I find it hard to not purchase something with a heart on it, albeit a notepad or a pair of slippers.  I just love them and they can be found in every corner of my house, wardrobe and wrist.  (yes, I had 4 hearts in honour of the Tribelet’s inked on my wrist).

Just a few of the many hearts around the house

Just a few of the many hearts around the house

Then lastly but surely not least… I collect kids 🙂  I am sure 4 constitutes a collection !

What do you collect?


3 thoughts on “1. What do you collect? #BlogVember

  1. flea143 says:

    Is there a line between hoarder and collector – I battled trying to convince myself there is. Lol! But seriously, how amazing is that trunk?
    I absolutely love the collecting kids thing… you are much braver than me! 🙂

    • love, kids and other things says:

      I am following the other blogs by searching the hashtag #BlogVember. I will make a list of all that are taking part and let everyone know 🙂

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