So who’s blogging for #BlogVember ?

Today saw the start of #BlogVember and I was so keen to see who was taking part.  I spent the best part of the morning reading blog posts and finding some amazing new blogs I will be reading on a regular bases.

For those taking part you might want to see what the other bloggers have to say in the #BlogVember challenge.  So here are all the lovelies taking part:

Cupcake Mummy

Lately Lauren

Pieces in Pink


Curious Robyn

Adventures in Parenting

The Stiletto Mum

Tea with Flea


Raindrops on Roses

Miscellaneous musings over tea / Minki Pool

Our real, real life

At a loss for words

From my fingertips

Kambabe’s thoughts

Finding myself after kids

Woman under pressure

Juggling act of life

** Please let me know if I have missed out on anyone.  And for those bloggers out there who are not taking part, it has been day 1.. still time to get started and join the fun!


7 thoughts on “So who’s blogging for #BlogVember ?

  1. Leandra Bothma says:

    Hi there. What a great idea! As I am fairly new to the blogging thing, I find this to be a great new starting point for me and I hope to learn a great deal in this challenge. Thanks for this wonderful idea and I will be participating in this challenge! Love Leandra

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Glad you enjoying it. At this time of year loads of people seem to be lacking that VOOMA. Hopefully this helps.

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