4. What is top of your bucket list? #BlogVember

This is a tough one!  When I finally gave it some thought as to what would be on my bucket list, it proved to be harder than I imagined.  Then to find what is top of the list!

After putting aside the trip to Disneyland (which the Mom in me puts at the top of the list), a visit to London in 2015 for the RWC, an island holiday, a cruise to Alaska to see the Northern Lights and a trip to visit friends in Australia… this tops the list!

Hiring a camper van and touring Europe!  Ironic I know, since I am not a camper.  This idea somehow does appeal to me.  Evert and I always chat about travelling when the Tribelets have all left home (which won’t be anytime soon).  Being a huge VW fan and old school VW being my fave, I love the camper van idea.

vw camper

Hire a retro camper van, hit the road with a rough idea of where we are going and take it one day at a time. Family to visit in France, friends to visit in Holland and Germany, food to be tasted in Italy and lastly a very good friend to be visited in Spain.

The best thing about this for me would be no timelines, no planning.  Wake up, see how you feel and head in that direction.  Evert could surf along the coastal countries while I sipped bubbly.  It just won’t be in the bath as I doubt the camper van caters for those needs.

What is top of your bucket list?






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