7. Favourite series you are currently watching? #BlogVember

Hi. My name is Nikki and I am addicted to watching series.  All series.  Well almost all series, there are a couple I just don’t get, like Breaking Bad.  Oh, and the vampire and zombie one’s.  Other than that I am pretty much addict to the rest.

So, TV wise I am glued to The Mentalist, Homelands (to see which parts of Cape-Town I recognise), Masterchef and The Voice.

But my favourite at the moment, which I get to watch on the laptop, whenever, wherever, has to be……..


Yes, I know this might be a series that you assume only appeals to the “older” people. I too was resistant to start with, had the box set gathering dust for ages, then one day out of sheer boredom I decided to start watching it!

BOOM! Hooked!


It is one of those where you can be having a good laugh and 2 minutes late the tears are rolling down your cheeks, lump in throat.


I have a host of fave characters but Maggie Smith, who plays Violet Crawley, has to take the cake for me, literally.


This character is sharp witted, has a razor sharp tongue but is also very wise and actually runs Downton Abbey.


What series are you currently watching and enjoying?


6 thoughts on “7. Favourite series you are currently watching? #BlogVember

  1. Cindy says:

    I LOVE Downton Abbey! Need to finish the end of the last season and get watching the new one. I don’t dig the vampire series but really loved The Walking Dead. By Season 3 it’s all about the relationships and a lot less about the zombies – so interesting!

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Might give The Walking Dead a try then. Actually getting “stressed” as I only have 1 season of Downton Abbey left to watch, then I have worked through all the series I have!

  2. Ursula says:

    I must confess that I love Breaking Bad but I do often have to leave the room to get my heart out of my throat and my stress level down to somewhere near normal. Ah I think I must watch Downton Abbey soon

    • love, kids and other things says:

      The non Breaking bad fan’s are a very tiny group, I only have ONE friend who also battled to get into it. Definately give Downton Abbey a go. It does start off a little slow, so hang in there, well worth it.

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