10. Dream date? #BlogVember

This is one of those questions where my answer is forever changing.  At this point in my life though my dream date would have to tick these boxes:

  • Time away from the Tribelet’s = time alone with the husband
  • A quiet, chilled environment
  • Something fun, vibey and different
  • Something not too far from the house

So things brings me to only one place: Old Mac Daddy’s !

This has been on my “List of things to do now that I am 40” list for ages!!  I love the fact that it is such a quirky spot, not the norm at all. It is set in a stunning location, not far from home at all.  So it ticks the boxes for me.  Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think?


Photo courtesy of Daddy's Deals

Photo courtesy of Daddy’s Deals



2 thoughts on “10. Dream date? #BlogVember

  1. love, kids and other things says:

    Isn’t that the truth Cat! At this point in my life I even treasure the drive to work together (although I hate traffic so much). It then means we get to spend time on our own!

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