Last call for bloggers #BloggersSecretSanta



Last year I had loads of fun when Cupcake Mummy was at the helm and played Head Elf in the #BloggersSecretSanta.  With that being said, Cupcake Mummy was kind enough to hand the Christmas baton and  last years list of  lovely bloggers to me.  If you have not received an email from me and you think this is something you might be keen to do, take a read below, check out our housekeeping rules and contact me if you are up to spreading the Christmas cheer.


Bloggers Secret Santa Housekeeping Rules:


  1. Commitment – No joining unless you are absolutely sure you can send a gift. I am really a nice person and would love nothing more for us to all sit around the campfire, hold hands and sing kumbaya (perhaps even sipping some wine). So please don’t make me be that person by having to name and shame those who make it onto Santa’s Naughty List by not sending their gifts off, as I really don’t want anyone to be left out.
  1. Your person – The draw for “your person” is going to be completely random, as I will be using:   I will be giving you “your person” on Monday 17 November.  I will not be sending out any smart, well thought out questionnaire like Cupcake Mummy did.  I just don’t have the brain capacity for that at this point of the year.  I will however give you all the social media details of “your person” so that you can cyber stalk them and make up your own mind as to what you think they will like.
  1. Be gracious – So your Secret Santa didn’t do the research, and you got wine when you’re a teetotaler, or candy and you’re diabetic and on the Real Meal Revolution. Receive the gift graciously, nobody wins if we are rude.
  1. Budget – The budget this year is R250, of which R100 is to be used to courier the gift via Berco or Amarex, which do next day delivery for a parcel under 5 kg’s. Please let’s not rely on our Postal Service as we are aiming for these gifts to cater for Christmas 2014.
  1. Tracking numbers – please save your tracking numbers and send them onto me in the event that the parcel goes MIA. All parcels to please be sent by 15 December 2014.
Most importantly let’s keep it fun and spread some love and Christmas cheer.
​Yours in spreading the ♥,
Couldn't resist this picture, thanks @AsSeenByLloyd

Couldn’t resist this picture, thanks @AsSeenByLloyd


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