22. S is for ……… #BlogVember

Sorry that this post is late but you know I am still slowly getting back into things after the blissful week-end in the Karoo.

I have the fortune (in some cases misfortune) of having worked and currently still working with many athletes and local celebs.  At the end of the day they are all like you and I, albeit some of them have not realised that yet.

Today my S is for Sven Ruygrok aka Rambo from the Spud movies.  I blogged about my first encounter with him here.

Ella and Sven

Ella and Sven

Since our meeting at the start of the year I have been lucky to get to know him.  I have a whole new perspective on how much hard work it takes when trying to make it in the acting world.  A more humble, smarter, talented and grounded twenty something year old, you will go far to find.

Take a look at the trailer for the new Spud 3 movie which is currently on our screens, show your support by going to watch it, as we all know “Local is Lekker” #ProudlySouthAfrican.  Show Sven some ♥ by giving him a  follow on twitter @SvenRuygrok and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.  For the Mommy’s out there, this is one role model you DO want your children to have.


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