Right About Now

The lovely Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House has this cool post she often does, called Currently. Love the idea of getting all the latest happenings in your life down in one blog post.  So I introduce to you…. Right About Now!

Love, Kids and Other Things

Tribelets – This is a super busy time for us. Over the next 10 days we have: Ella-Blu’s Sports Awards, Mili-Flyn’s Christmas Concert, Caleb’s Prize giving and Ella-Blu’s Valedictory Evening. Sjoe, wish me luck.  Tayla then heads off to East-London for 10 days and brings my Mom back to spend Christmas with us.  Fun times.

Work – Our Marketing Admin Assistant resigned and I suppose there is never an ideal time for someone to resign!  This however has proved to be challenging.  Besides planning for 2015 which is still ongoing, we have been interviewing to get the position filled and all scrambling to cover tasks of our team member we are short of.  Life throws you these little curve balls and it is always interesting to see how people handle them.  For me it is just confirmation that the glass of bubbles at the end of the day is truly well deserved.

My Other Half – This is a proud wife punt.  After having worked at his present company for less than a year, he has been offered other portfolio’s to handle.  This is a massive but in all fairness he has worked like a Trojan this year.  Things are finally falling into place there and after a really rocky road of self employment, he is back in the saddle.

Holidays – I go on leave 19 December and can’t wait too just CHILL!  This seems to have been a crazy busy year but for all the right reasons.  Quality time with the Tribelet’s is on the cards, as well as a couple of cool adventures.

Frustration – Damn you Skype! My Skype has been down for around 3 weeks now.  At first I was online but non of my contacts were…EVER.  Which is impossible.  Now I can’t even log in.  Our IT guy has tried a few tricks by re installing and doing some other nerd stuff but sadly, no luck.

“Book Club” – We have something really special on the go here.  A bunch of  6 amazing women, all very different but that manage to make this monthly event work.  We had our annual Christmas Party at our place on Friday evening.  The only time we let our partners join us.  As always this was a real jol.  Violent Femmes being blasted out to the max and the last of the bunching leaving at 2am.

Annual Family gathering of the Cousins – With our family originally being from Slummies it makes family gatherings challenging. Lucky for me though 2 of my cousins followed suit to Cape-Town soon after I did.  These boys live in the Boerie Curtain though (which is miles away from Hippie Valley).  So I don’t get to see them as often as I would like too.  Last year we had our first pre Christmas gathering and it was such a great day spent together.  So re are having a round 2 this year.  Unfortunately my Sister and Tayla will both be in East London, so not quiet a full house this year.

Currently watching – (this little insert is “borrowed” from Cindy’s Currently updates.  So someone who loves Series as much as I do, I couldn’t not add it) TV wise I am watching Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds, CSI, Homelands and The Blacklist.  I must be honest, I am not feeling this 2nd season of The Blacklist.  Then we move onto Reality TV.  I am a real sucker for this and finally after watching 20 seasons of the Bachelor I have weened myself off that one.  I am loving the local Masterchef and rooting for Sipho.  The Voice has to be my ultimate though.  Such a great mix of judges and my fave contestant Matt McAndrew is still in the mix.

So Right about now that is what is happening in the life of Nikki!



2 thoughts on “Right About Now

  1. cat@jugglingact says:

    Oh I am a Sipho fan too! I love post like these because it tells so much in a condensed bit. And I agree on the second season of the Black list – it was one of the very few I watched but this one – nope

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