Pug Life. Thank-you Anton Taylor

I have wanted to get a friend for our legendary Snowy Dawg for ages now.  I fell in the love with the idea of having a Boston Terrier and planned to find one to give the kids in the December holidays so that we could spend time with the puppy and ease it into this crazy Tribe.  That was until I saw this video that Anton Taylor posted Pug Dash.  There went my heart, to the Pug.

So the search began.  We thought we were in luck when we found a puppy in Port Elizabeth that could be collected on 12 December.  We made contact, booked the male puppy, when next thing we received a message to say all the male puppies (3) had been sold to one person who paid in full.  Although I was bleak about this, it made me think that this wasn’t the right place for us to get a puppy from if the owner/breeder was all about the money and a bulk sale.  So the search continued.  I eventually found a lady from Oudshoorn who was advertising puppies, although they were yet to be born.  We struck an instant Whatapp’s friendship and she kept in informed of when the puppies were born and gives me daily updates and sends photo’s.

Our new addition arrives in January.  Right now the family debate revolves around a name for this little tyke. We tried looking for a Chinese name since the Pug originates from China but that didn’t pan out well.  My only guideline (or rule) I gave was that it needed to be an actual name.  I didn’t want a Peanut or a Biscuit.  So friends, this is where you come in.  I don’t need anymore confusion by adding to the list, I just need your vote as too what name you would give him.

Potential names for Puglet:

Mushu (little dragon from the Mulan movie)
Anton (I added this without family consensus but he lead us down the Pug path)
Vote for a name for this Puglet

Vote for a name for this Puglet

Please cast your vote by leaving a comment below.

 I am going to make Anton Taylor the honorary Godfather of the “Puglet” and perhaps even convince him to train “Puglet” for next year’s Pug Dash in Muizenburg.

Loads of Pug cuteness to be found on Tumblr

Loads of Pug cuteness to be found on Tumblr





11 thoughts on “Pug Life. Thank-you Anton Taylor

  1. Joan Visser says:

    They are just the best. We had one and her name was Cleo. The whole family was crazy about her. Eventually passed on from old age about 5 yrs ago and we miss he rand talk about her often

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Love the name Cleo!! Kids really excited for the arrival. I am sure we have made the right choice of puppy.

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