Karoo Kiffness

The husband and I took a little road trip recently.  We had been invited to a join a friend in celebrating his 40th birthday for the week-end at Red Stone Hills.

I took the Friday off work and we took a leisurely drive, albeit extended due to missing a turn off.  Once we got to Red Stone Hills I was totally in awe.  Even the stress of having no cellphone reception soon subsided.

The view from ourcottage

The view from our cottage

Friday was a planned to be a chilled ice breaker so that all of Brendan’s friends who had traveled from all over SA, could get to know each other. So braai time around the pool area it was.  I am not sure if it was due to the fact that I was :

A) Not responsible for any children

B) Did not have to drive anywhere

C) Fresh Karoo air

D) Excitement of seeing mates I hadn’t seen in ages

E) All of the above

but I made the rookie mistake of going BIG on night 1 and a little case of first night blow out pursued.  Plenty of bubbles and good company made for a very good evening.

Saturday I was up with birds.  Feeling slightly fragile and in search of coffee.  Real coffee. After a session on the stoep with my book the rest of the house finally started to surface and we headed back to the reception/pool area for breakfast.  As always Prof Noakes was hot topic of conversation and I was surprised that the majority of the people there were Banting (LCHF).  That was all put on hold though when the delicious homemade bread hit the breakfast table. With coffee and a full farm style breakfast down the hatch we were off to Carlitzdorp.

I know Calitzdorp is the home of Port but we went to De Krans where we were given a tour by the winemaker Louis van der Riet.  We sampled the various wines on offer.

De Krans cellars

De Krans cellars

A very interesting morning spent there and just enough time for us to work up an appetite for lunch. (I am sure you are seeing a pattern here: good food, good wine and good company: repeat).  So lunch under the vineyards it was before we headed back to Red Stone Hills for some chill time.

Lunch at De Krans

Lunch at De Krans

After a much needed power nap we headed up the Red Stone Hills to share some bubbles.  I was contemplating continuing with my nap and giving this adventure a skip but I am so glad I didn’t.  After a brisk climb to the top, I got to sip bubbles with these awesome people and catch up with the Birthday Boy.

Sundowners - well worth the hike

Sundowners on the Red Stone Hills – well worth the hike

After watching the most stunning sunset we returned to the reception/pool area for dinner.  Tables set around the pool, dinner by candle light with friends and feasting of Karoo lamb (which is a close second to The Farmers Daughter’s lamb).  The perfect end to an amazing week-end.

My fave photo and moment of the week-end.  Chilling with the Birthday Boy

My fave photo and moment of the week-end. Chilling with the Birthday Boy

A huge thank-you to Brendan for making us part of this very special week-end away to celebrate a very special person.  The fact that people had traveled so far so was a true testament to the kind of person Brendan is.  In fact, there is talk of us making this an annual event!

That will definately not be my last trip to the Karoo.  I feel like a left a tiny piece of my ♥ in this beautiful part of our amazing country and soon I must go back and find it.

No trip to the Karoo complete without the standard photo taken at Ronnie's, even if it is at 7:00am

No trip to the Karoo complete without the standard photo taken at Ronnie’s, even if it is at 7:00am




4 thoughts on “Karoo Kiffness

    • love, kids and other things says:

      You are so right. Overseas trips always seem to be on the cards but so much to explore in this beautiful country of ours.

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