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Tribelets – **queue proud Mommy punt** This bunch has been keeping me busy lately.  Tayla passed her first year at Varsity.  So next year we have a second year student on our hands.  Ella-Blu received the Best Girl Football Player award, Academic Progress and a special award from the Principal.  A big step for our tomboy who  was wearing a dress to the Valedictory Assembly and might I add she looked beautiful.  Caleb also received an academic award at his prize giving and our Mili-Flyn was just the sweetest fairy you have ever seen at her concert. It suddenly hit me that next year our Tribelets are spread through all sectors of education. Varsity, High School, Primary School and Play School.  Well planned? Not sure about that.

Tayla and Ella-Blu heading to the Valedictory Assembly

Tayla and Ella-Blu heading to the Valedictory Assembly

Pug Life – We have settled on a name for our newest family member.  After much debate and an ever changing list of names, our new boy is called Cooper.  He arrives 10 January and we are all so excited.  All, except for Mili-Flyn.  When I show her a photo of him she says he looks “scary”and will just stick to Snowy. The girls are going shopping to make sure he has all he needs when he gets here.  I have no doubt they will bring home an “outfit” for Cooper.  Every pug deserves an outfit, right?

Holidays –  My holiday officially starts on Friday at 1pm.  So close, I can smell it. We have decided to “barricade” ourselves in around the pool area these holidays.  Sending someone out every couple of days to get fresh supplies.

In love with Ed – Gosh, this Ginga boy is really something else.  If you haven’t seen the latest Ed Sheeran video take look below.  Not only are the lyrics to Thinking Out Loud, beautiful, the video is a goodie. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Right About Now

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    a kid in each educational sector… hells bells… you’re a very brave lady 😛
    but yay on all the awards and passing grades and all that stuffs.
    looking forward to these holidays. so much so.

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