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Tribelet’s – Yayness, Mili-Flyn went back to school yesterday.  Mili-Flyn battled to grasp the concept of holidays.  I think with her school literally being across the road of us, she couldn’t understand why she could see it but couldn’t go and play.  So getting her back to school has been a breeze.  She was packed and ready on Sunday afternoon and there were no tears yesterday, just pure excitement.  It does make things easier as parent when your child is so happy to head off to school.  Nothing worse then the parent guilt you suffer when leaving a “sad panda’ of a child crying at school.

Ella-Blu has been earning some extra pocket money by taking care of the guinea pigs at Mili-Flyn’s school over the holidays. I am so impressed at how responsible she is.  Doesn’t want any help in preparing the fresh food every evening.  She has even managed to rope Dad in to assist with watering the schools garden.

Ella-Blu and Caleb head back to school next week Wednesday.  I am mentally preparing myself for the all the books I will need to cover, stationery I will need to mark and forms I will need to fill out *sigh*.

Work – I have been back at work for a week now and things are starting to kick into high gear.  I am glad I had last week to settle in, get the diary filled out and ease back into things.  We have so many great projects planned for 2015 that I am not suffering from any “blues” having returned to work.

Series – How is it possible that non of you have suggested The Wire to me before?  I received all 5 seasons of it and that is pretty much what we have been up too when not lazing around the pool.

Pug Life – Finally the day dawned on Saturday for the arrival of our newest family member.  Cooper is now officially a member of the crazy Tribe of mine.  The cuteness factor in my house is now indescribable.  Between the cute Cooper and the Tribelet’s I am smiling for days.

Porridge face

Porridge face


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