Tribelet’s walking to school

We are fortunate enough to live across the road of Mili-Flyn’s school (literally, I can see it from our front gate) and we are a short walk away from Ella-Blu and Caleb’s school.  With all the juggling of the husband and I both working over the mountain, the challenge to get the kids to school and fight the M3 traffic was/is daunting.

So we decided to let the Tribelet’s walk to school.  Ella-Blu being the leader of the pack here.  She would drop Mili-Flyn off across the road and proceed onto the Primary school with her brother.    So although some mornings when things go a little pear-shaped we do drop them off at school.  If it rains, we have a friend who collects them on his way to drop his crew off.  As a working Mom you still suffer some form of guilt.  There is the safety aspect. Although it is a short walk, with loads of activity in the mornings, I still at times have visions of them being dragged into a Kombi, with tinted windows, by a Man wielding cable ties and chloroform.  I feel like I could be on an episode of Worlds Worst Mom.  Then again I have these irrational thoughts about most things from them diving into the pool, to going to bed with a high temp and not waking up, to them being bullied at school by some nasty kid.

After doing some googling I found a couple of points that made it seem like perhaps it wasn’t the worst idea:

  1. Walking gives you higher energy levels and reduces stress
  2. Children who walk to school arrive in a calmer frame of mind, ready to cope with the work of the day
  3. Walking cuts down on traffic congestion and pollution, therefore supporting the environment
  4. Walking prevents osteoporosis and can reduce the risk of heart disease
  5. No more trying to find a parking space near the school
  6. Walking is a great daily exercise for your kids

When I went to one of the many kids birthday parties last year(that tend to consume my week-ends)  I got chatting to a Mommy who’s  kids are in the same class as Mili-Flyn and Caleb.  She mentioned to me that she thought it was such a cool idea that the kids walk to school.  If she lived closer she would also let her son and daughter walk to school.  Also with her being a Soccer Mom she is privy to all the playground discussions the Moms have while waiting for the kids.  The one Mom mentioned that since seeing the Ferreira Tribelets walking to school, she had stopped driving her kids to school and they now also walked.  She only fetched them when they had sport on different days and were not able to walk alone.

When dropping Mili-Flyn at school another Mommy mentioned to me that she had often offered the Tribelets a lift to school as she goes the same way to drop off her daughter but Ella-Blu declined each time.  Not sure that it is even a Stranger Danger decline on Ella-Blu’s part, more the fact that they actually enjoy the walk.

Now tomorrow brings the dawn of new era.  Ella-Blu is off to high school and I am not keen on letting Caleb walk on his own.  Safety in numbers.  So the walking is put on hold for now and Mom’s taxi commences and so does fighting the traffic on the M3 in the mornings.

Do any of you let your children walk to school?


6 thoughts on “Tribelet’s walking to school

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Flip man, I don’t cope well in traffic, frustrates me as I think off all the things I could be doing. I am sure Kayla will love it next year and if you are walking with her it also gives you some one on one quality time with her.

  1. cat@jugglingact says:

    I would have if we were closer. We have quite a few in the direct area of the school that do walk. Our school also has a “bring bikes back” initiative where on Fridays kids are encouraged to cycle to school with a parent or teacher.

    • love, kids and other things says:

      That is such a great initiative. Caleb has asked if he can ride his bike to school. Although it is not far I am still not overly keen on that idea for now.

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