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Tribelet’s – Tayla is a rare sight at the moment.  Second year has already started on a new level with clinic and hospital visits for her.  She is so excited about being given her own person to work with for 6 months.  Luckily my office is close to her res, so she does pop in on a weekly basis to say HI (and drop off her washing).

Ella-Blu has taken to High School like a duck to water.  She auditioned and got the gig to be the mascot at the rugby games.  She amazes me with her zest and ability to immerse herself 100% into whatever she takes on.  I thought the step from tomboy to girl would be a slow process but it seems to be speeding up.  She has requested we go shopping for make-up and has a date for the Valentines dance on Friday.  Flip, not sure I was ready for that.

Caleb is having his first year in a co-ed class.  At Sun Valley Primary for Grade 1 and Grade 2, there are 2 boys only and 2 girls only classes.  I was wondering how he would cope but having 3 sisters I doubted it would be a problem.  I got home from work last week and was met by the gate by a very excited 8 year old.  He had decided he wanted to take a Valentines gift to school on Friday.  So I suggested some flowers from the garden, only to be told the girl in question was allergic to pollen.  I was impressed he even knew this.  I asked how he met her and it turned out she sits at his table with him.  So he didn’t look too far.  So cute though.  The outcome is that he will make a paper heart and stick it to a Fizz Pop, all his own idea.

Mili-Flyn is very happy with herself as she no longer needs her armbands, she is now swimming like a big girl.  With her birthday being in May I start thinking of party themes now and then make a Pinterest board, everyone does that, right?  This year no amount of bribery could persuade her to change her mind on the theme.  So a FROZEN party it is.

Life – The husband has been traveling, which sucks. Single parenting sucks.  If I ever had my doubts about how much I love having him around and what value he adds, that has all been put to rest.  Come home already, please. The Tribelet’s can only eat hot dogs for so long.

Work – The status on this will always be CRAZY BUSY, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We have so many exciting projects we are working on that my juggling skills are being tested daily. If anyone is taking part in the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, please pop past our stand (Sports Science Institute of South Africa) and say “HI”.  We have such great activation’s planned with interesting speakers.  Will keep the runners posted on that!

Pug Life – Cooper has slotted right into the madness that is the Ferreira family.  I forgot that having a puppy is technically like having another child.  During the morning mania at home, he adds to the drama by generally wrestling with any item of clothing anyone is trying to put on.  Cooper also has mad skills, he has managed to set up his own IG account: Cooper_thepug, go and check it out.

ICC Cricket World Cup – I feel like my love for cricket and the Protea’s could be likened to that of an abused woman.  I have such passion for South African and for cricket but when thinking back on the previous World Cup’s I feel let down.  Yet we go back for more.  I am hoping that this time will be different.  I am hoping we don’t, dare I say it, choke?  I am hoping the boy’s do us proud and bring that damn trophy home.  I am also hoping I cope with the lack of sleep I will be enduring, those games are so early. Good luck to Protea’s who play their opening game against Zimbabwe on Sunday.  May the Protea Fire burn bright, strong and LONG.






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