What’s Out? What’s In?

This is my little round up of things that I am currently OVER and things that I am LOVING.

Be kind to Yourself (2)

Bearded Men – Not a fan of the facial hair vibe. I can cope with MoVember but now that seems to have extended to an all year round event.  I am not going to deny the fact that Ben Dalhaus is a good looking chap, that would just be silly.

Ben Dahlaus

Ben Dahlaus

All these chicks going gaga over him and his beard. Crediting his devilish handsome good looks to The Beard.  Has anyone taken the time to see how he looks without it?  Cast your eyes down, ladies.  You are all very welcome.

Ben Dalhaus rocking it without The Beard

Ben Dalhaus rocking it without The Beard


50 Shades of Grey – I am so over the hype around this movie and everyone having their 5 cents worth.  Yes, I read the book. Yes, I will eventually get to see the movie. In my opinion whatever rocks your world is your own business, your private life and it should remain so.  As long you are not harming children and small animals (okay, animals of any size), go wild.

I read a great blog post recently by Bloggsy Malone which if you have any reservations or opinions on BDSM, give this read.



#Blessed – Surely this hash tag has now run its course.  Let’s find a new one to use and fast. Please.



Kardashian’s – From Kim’s butt, to Khloe’s car accident, to Bruce’s transgender shift, to Kris being blackmailed.  How is it that people are interested in this family?  I only know this stuff because it keeps popping up on Twitter.  I  honestly don’t get the fascination with this bunch. *sigh*

The Smith’s – Not the band!  Morrissey will go down as a legend of rock. I mean Graeme and Morgan Smith who have announced their divorce.  While  there are plenty of tweets doing the rounds and everyone seems to have an opinion, I do feel for them.  There are 2 children involved and I hope all gets resolved amicably for the  sake of them.

Green Cross Sandals (aka German sandals) – I will be the first to stick my hand up and say I am not a Fashion Blogger.  If I was advising on shoes we would all be walking around in sneakers (which would be pretty cool).  But please people, I am begging, we have just managed to get rid of the infestation that was CROCS, now we have lapsed back like a bunch of addicts into the dreaded German Sandals.  If any of my friends have purchased these, hang your heads in shame.

images (2)


Being a DICK in the traffic – I spend a significant amount of time everyday in my car, in the traffic.  Everyday I am surprised by how many DICKS there are behind the wheel.  People driving aggressively, cut people off in the traffic, not letting people into the flow of traffic.  Phew, so unnecessary.  Be nice behind the wheel people.  We are all trying to get to our destination safely and by letting someone into the traffic you wont be delayed by a huge amount of time.

Open Letters – It seems that everybody is getting onto their soapbox to write an “open letter” to every man and his dog.  I am sure there will soon be one to Wayne Parnell on his dismal bowling performance against India and to Neil Patrick Harris who failed to set the world alight with his performance as host of the Oscars.  Can we start writing “closed letters” and keeping them to ourselves?

Be kind to Yourself (3)


The Notebook – While everyone is harping on about 50 Shades of Grey, this movie STILL remains my favourite.  My go-to movie. My safe word movie. My feel good movie. Although I do the ugly, snotty cry almost from the start to finish.

download (1)

Suzelle DIY –  I doubt there is anyone reading this blog post that has not been exposed to the genius of Suzelle DIY.  Although the kitschness displayed by Suzelle is tangible, I love the fact that she gets it so right by being so South African.  Be warned if you have not watched any of her videos, once you start you will soon be watching them all.


Pug – As you know we have a new addition to our family in Cooper the Pug.  The dog is filled with so much cuteness, it is just silly.  I have now become a firm fan of the Pug and not to forget the Snowy Dawg.  See Cooper below in the first of many silly hats he is to be photographed in.

Cooper looked well impressed with the party hat on

Cooper looked well impressed with the party hat on

Coffee – I don’t think too much needs to be said about my love for Coffee.


Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) – These guys are flippin amazing.  They spent loads of time in my hood, fighting fires throughout the night and all for the love of it. So a massive thank-you to VWS!

Website Header



#RAK15 – I simply love this initiative.  So similar to the Pay It Forward campaign which is such a great idea. Brent Lindeque is the Founder of #RAK15 (Random Acts of Kindness).  It is so heartwarming to see how many Corporates have taken up the challenge and are doing good.




8 thoughts on “What’s Out? What’s In?

  1. Dave says:

    Thank you for the mention – and yes, can 50 Shades and the hype and hysteria please stop being a thing? There really are more important things to devote such impassioned energy to!

      • Dave says:

        Also a huge fan! My drive has been to promote it without sharing any RAKs I have done. It must be (for me) about the person receiving whatever gesture, not the person doing the kindness…

      • love, kids and other things says:

        Exactly. Paying it forward on a daily basis. Smallest acts of kindness have a huge impact.

  2. EpicGran says:

    Ben Dalhaus beardless… #ohmyhotness 50 Shades #yawn
    Smiths & Kardashians #sad Notebook #bestmovieever
    Pugs, coffee, fire fighters & Suzelle #awesome.
    Great post, had a good laugh
    #beblessed LOL!

  3. catjuggles says:

    Oh gosh, Suzelle is one of the most original personalities that has surfaced ever int he social media era. And honestly I read about half of the first Fifty shades book but the horrible writing style totally put me off. I will not say anything against the movie as I have not seen it but I really do not care what anyones’ opinion is about it. See it, dont see it, whatever!

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Suzelle DIY is such a breathe of fresh air!! Each video just gets better. As for Mariaan, she is such a winner!

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