Say what? A Liebster Award, nogal!

During all the chaos and focus on my hood that is burning down around me, I missed a tweet from the lovely Sarah over at The Mommy City. She nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is kinda cool, right? Thank-you so much for the nomination Sarah 🙂  I love the way Bloggers come up with ways to interact and find out more about each other.  So here are my answers to Sarah’s questions.


♥ If you could have a whole day just to yourself, what would you do?

I would have to take the selfish route here and say I would spend it ALONE with my husband (sorry Tribelet’s).  A day out in Franschoek would be great.  Take walk through the town and check out all the quaint shops, then enjoy a lazy lunch.

♥ What makes your heart skip a beat?

The husband (cheesy, I know) and then those precious Tribelet’s have a way of pulling at my heart strings, little buggers.

♥ Where was your best holiday?

A trip on the train with my family when I was still in Primary school.  We went to visit my Nan in Pretoria and spent a week in the Kruger Park.  Amazing memories of fun times spend with my Pops.

♥ If you had a choice of car, what would your dream drive be? 

So I am a HUGE VW fan.  I have had in excess of 6 VW Beetles during the course of my life.  If budget allowed I would pimp my ride with a brand new VW Beetle.

♥ Tea or coffee?

Easiest question I could be asked. Coffee. no debate, no reason, simply coffee.

♥ What do you always have next to you when you blog?

My phone, my blog book where I scribble down loads of ideas that are yet to be translated into blog posts.

♥ What is your favourite cartoon to watch with the kids?

Without a doubt The Smurfs, loved those little blue guys and Smurfette.

♥ What is your favourite post you have ever written?

There are a couple but the stand out for me is How I Met Your Father .  It was fun taking a trip back down memory lane and I surprised myself about how much I remembered.


There seem to be a couple of “rules” out there regarding this “award”, so I thought I would do it my way.  I am nominating 2 bloggers: 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House & se7en + 1.  These are 2 of my favourite blogs to settle in with a cup of coffee and read. So here are your questions ladies!

♥ What is currently inside your handbag?

♥ Is a there topic/subject you would NEVER blog about?

♥ What is your favourite quote?

♥ Bath or shower?

♥ Charity of choice and why?

You see, easy peasy!!







3 thoughts on “Say what? A Liebster Award, nogal!

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for nominating me! Can I be a total chop and write the answers in the comments? I’ve posted a Liebster award already in the last couple of weeks so I can’t do it again so soon.

    ♥ What is currently inside your handbag? Oh man where to start. I have the basics, like wallet, lipsticks, ID, keys and business card holder thingy, then I also have acorns, sweets that I’ve hidden from the kids and forgotten about, stray toys, hair clips, random coins and a handful of sand – thanks to Knox.

    ♥ Is a there topic/subject you would NEVER blog about? Um. Maybe politics? I’d have nothing to say.

    ♥ What is your favourite quote? “We have a tendency to want the other person to be a finished product while we give ourselves the grace to evolve.” No idea who said it, but it’s so true for me.

    ♥ Bath or shower? SHOWER, but once in a blue moon I do enjoy a bath, but then I shower again afterwards.

    ♥ Charity of choice and why? Anything that supports children in any way. I really have a deep love for children and seeing them hurt/unloved breaks my heart.

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